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QUOTE by RUSTYGUY: "Why do you want ANY strap? You need to tip your foot, not lever the front of the boot."

There's a reason that power straps exist, including straps on racers boots, and it sure ain't for carrying them.

A strap allows a much more *even* interface between your shin, the tongue, and the upper cuff. It makes it snugger and thus more responsive both laterally and fore/aft. The "Booster" strap is a fine-tuning device that allows one to go to a stiffer cuff for more lateral responsiveness, and yet maintain a smooth fore 'n aft interface without pain to the shin. I grew up in the days of soft lace boots with low cuffs and they are hardly the direction we are going back to... despite the all idiotic niche gimmicks that merchandizers keep trying.

Hmmm... the idea that "...pressuring forward (or back) is unneeded with modern skis" is simply ludicrous. _EVERY_ spot along the length of your ski is a "sweet spot" for an intended purpose. Taking fore/aft pressuring away from a modern racer would be like giving a tricycle to a Tour de France competitor. There's already a severe compromise happening in racing with the loss of leverage from the shorter skis in favor of tighter radius carves. The best racers in the world are NOT the ones that have learned how to always stay centered; the best racers in the world are the ones who know just how much leverage they can manipulate their equipment with before control surface failure will occur.
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Do booster straps work on Flexon's? I asked my bootfitter about it last season and he gave me a reason why they didn't, but I forgot what it was.. And James.. cut your strap? that's harsh. Femurs heal...
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Re: straps for Flexons I think they do help make the boot more responsive. I have a three-inch diameter set of straps made of webbing material with no elastic. You just cinch them through a buckle and they fasten with Velcro like conventional power straps. The only difference with straps is that you need to put them OVER the plastic Flexon tongue.
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