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Medical Insurance for Skiing Overseas

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I live in US and the employer provides group medical insurance which covers whatever accident comes my way during skiing, at least the bulk of the bill, if unfortunately, any accident ever happens.

I'm wondering how the insurance works out overseas, such as in Canada, Europe, South America, etc. when one plans a ski trip overseas. Do you buy extra travel insurance with ski harzard coverage, or take the caution and be extremely careful so no accident shall ever happen at all (but who knows), or be too excited over the prospective fun to ever bother with it?

Anyone cares to chip in their experience? Given the many accident reports seen lately, I just can't help wondering...
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Not sure how it works for US-cits, but for us when we come to the US, we buy travel insurance. This is travel-stuff and accident/illness insurance. If you are skiing, you generally read the conditions first, to see what's covered (and for how much).

For instance, a normal ski holiday seems to be covered by most. But if you're working on snow, you have to check that. And heli skiing is often termed "extreme" and you might have to hunt for special policies that include that. Also, ski racing is often excluded! Makes me a bit nervous when taking a run through the Nastar.

The internet is a good place to start looking for policies; they're often a bit cheaper too. Travel agents have traditionally sold travel insurance, so if you are using one and like them, maybe talk to them. It's pretty standard for us to buy insurance, and I found the same policy as offered by the Travel Agents being offered by various companies on the 'net.
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There are three thingd you can do:
1. Contact your carrier and ask about international coverage. Mine provides international coverage also.
2. You cab buy travel insurance (usually around 60-100 bucks)
3. Pay your ticket with a major CC.

Hope this helps

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Be aware that with most health insurance, you have to pay for any treatment/ambulance out of pocket then get reimbursed. I think this is true for travel insurance too, but I'm not sure. You also might have to pay for your "rescue" from the slopes. I had an accident in Austria and the ambulance was 150 Euros, the doc another couple hundred (X-rays, etc.), and then we got a bill from the town after we got home for another 150 Euros for the "rescue," which was a trip of a couple hundred yards in a sled. Some resorts sell rescue insurance, which will cover the sled and a helicopter evacuation if that's needed. We have a trip planned to Saalbach Austria and we're still trying to find out how to get rescue coverage from them....
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My travel insurance, which is a very standard policy, does not cover me for air ambulance, but for surface ambulance it does.

We have a saying back home. If you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel.
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