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Saddleridge in Beaver Creek

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First time skiing Beaver Creek with family and staying at Saddleridge. Any comments or advice (activites, restaurants, favorite trails, instructors, etc.) would be appreciated.
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Splendido or Mirabelle for romance

For family-Blue Moose Pizza & the Mexican place by the ski ticket office (can't remember the name but its the only one).

Am torn about kids going to Beano's Cabin. Its fun for them to see the porcupine and ride the Cat up the mountain in the dark. But its very expensive and my husband had planned to propose to me there but didn't because children spoiled the romantic mood. If they're teenagers or Tweens then they'd probably be fine.
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trails in BC

Love Larkspur bowl on a pretty day but its hard with flat light or snow (husband couldn't tell which was was up). Try Harrier instead of Redtail (goes the same place but less chewed up and busy). Husband loves Centennial top to bottom part blue, part Black. I like Rosebowl but the lift is slow by comparison to all others. There's some easy but not too easy stuff over near the ritz carlton that can be fun.
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