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North Cakalak (Carolina)

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Winter has finally arrived in NC, and the conditions are no longer ice-skating-rink-like, but have reverted back to the packed powder we had back in december. We have had 8 or so inches this week, and will get 10 or so over the next 2 days. We got 3 good mtns here and one piece of sh!t hill called appalachian ski mtn. the good ones are... sugar, 1200 foot vertical, 2 blacks, one double black (50 degree pitch), hawksnest, awesome scene, great bar, everyone is blazin down, (the good herb is decriminalized in NC), and the mtn is very steep and hasd the best terrain park in the region. Beech Mtn is the highest ski area in the eastern United states and has 2 nice blacks... whne the conditions are good as they are now, other wise it is like a frozen waterfall or something... Yesterday there was around 3 or 4 inches of frsh powder.. maing conditions awesome... anytways come one dopwn to nw NC if you happen to live close by.. its worth it.
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Don't go on the weekends unless you want to wait 45 minutes to ski down for 30 seconds.

And I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you on 50 degree pitch. If it is that steep, then I bet its not for more than 10 feet.
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