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Frontier Airlines??

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We're getting ready to book with Frontier for our trip west. Has anyone had any experience with them, either good or bad?

I've checked their baggage policies and they seem to have the standard policy regarding weight limitations, # of bags, and ski equipment, so I think we're good there.

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They're fine

I've flown them several times Chicago-Denver. It was a good experience-- basically imagine Southwest except Frontier has assigned seats-- friendly, laid-back atmosphere and good fares. Cool photos of wildlife on the plane tails.

Big plus is that they have satellite TV on all the seatbacks-- some cable channels and NBC. (Not CBS though I flew on this night of the NCAA basketball title game, thinking I could watch my alma mater Tar Heels, but I was disappointed. Had to follow the ticker on ESPNNews!)
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Thanks Wags!!

Any others?
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No direct experience, but have heard many good things since moving to Denver. Go for it.
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I've flown on Frontier many times and would not hesitate to do so again.
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I flew them on a non stop from Philly to LAX, a cross country flight and I thought they were great. Nice plus with the direct tv in the seat backs. I also thought the seats were comfortable and had decent leg room, comparable to AA.
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Good customer services

We missed our flights due to I-70 traffic jam on 1/29, and Frontier waived the change fee for us. Very cool.
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I've flown them twice now since November without issue.

In November I missed my flight as I-70 was shut down and the next day they put me on the next flight and never mentioned a change fee.

When I read the baggage policy it seemed to indicate 1 bag to contain boots and skis. I checked 1 suitcase, 1 double sportube, and a boot bag with no problems. Carried on laptop computer and rollaboard with my boots and essential ski gear. No additional charges although somehow my suitcase gained a few pounds on the way back and exceeded the 50# limit.

When will you be out? I'm thinking we might be out that way the last week of March.
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ski equip. should not be a problem as frontier is HQ'd out of denver; so they get a lot of ski business.

also, a helpful hint. frontier flys most planes out of terminal A and you can walk over to terminal A after chek-in(ask frontier for instructions if you cant figure it out on the map) and save yourself some time waiting in the big security lines for A,b,c,d that use the shuttle.
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Thanks guys!! I went ahead and booked the flights.

Chris--I'll be out there the 2nd week in April, so it appears I'll miss you again. I think we just missed one another 2 years ago as well. Oh well...one of these days...
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Yeah, we'll be there and back by then.

Have a great trip!
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phil (from ETU) and melissa will be out 3/29-4/2 ... will you be here then?
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We went to Denver on Frontier in Jan.
Booking was fine.
Flights were fine.
We had 4 legs to the trip. The only negative was a couple flight attendants that got up on the wrong side of the bed on 2 different legs of the trip. We were fine but the guy in the seat next to us was given his small bag from the overhead bin to put under his seat when the flight attendant put a late comers 10 gallon bag in a 5 gallon hole. I felt for him as he was already using the entire seat for his ample self.
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your used boarding pass will get you a free lift ticket with purchase of a ticket mon-thurs. at winter park, and if i remember correctly, possibly copper mountain as well.
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