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Catalochee 2/11 (New Snow)

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If there are any Southeasterners going to Cataloochee this weekend, let me know. There looks to be a nice little storm brewing for Friday night/Saturday morning. (A total of almost 12" this week).
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Wow, I haven't been to Cataloochee since I was in high school about 11 years ago. That's where I learned to ski. Have fun! I think I'm going to wait until the weekend crowd goes back to work and hit Wintergreen on Monday.
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May get to go to the Cat Wednesday night (Feb 15th) before our trip to Colorado. Had to attend a funeral for a death in the family this weekend. Family has to come before fun around my house. I would have loved to be there even with the crowd. By the way, I just got an e-mail from Cat saying that they are opening the Meadows and Rogers Run Monday. This will be the first time for these to be open (natural snow only) for several years.

MadMike, Cataloochee has upgraded their lifts and added a bunch of snow making since you have been there. A quad, a triple, the old double with upgraded terminals at both ends. Also the beginners rope tow now has handles and they added a magic carpet in another area for the smaller kids to learn on. Also a couple of new buildings for the bus loads of groups coming in. A lot of Georgia and Florida groups come just about every weekend.
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Wow, that's cool that they got enough snow to open The Meadows. I got to ski it once, but I couldn't tell you what year it was('95 maybe). It sounds like they've made some nice improvements there. Maybe I'll have to go back there some day just to revisit where I learned to do this stuff.
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I just got back and had the pleasure of first tracks in the Meadows (while not quite officially open) and through the terrain park on Sunday. All I can say is the conditions were incredible. It is not too often that you get face shots in North Carolina. Unfortunately the quad lift broke down Saturday night, which caused some crowding on the double lift on Sunday. Luckily the weather discouraged enough people so that it wasn't too bad on Sunday.
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Looks like whoever got to go had a great time. Wish I had a chance to go. Valentines Day and having to pack for a Colorado trip starting this weekend has limited my ski time this week. SkiNC.com has some great photos posted in their message board.
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