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Stiff Boots (getting in and out)

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If you ski stiff boots have you picked up any tricks for getting in and out of them? I have a really tough time especially when its cold.
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Bring a hair dryer.

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Put em on/off when they're warm. PLace them by the car heater on the way up, and grab a beer at the bar after skiing to get them warmed back up. Much easier that way.
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It is a beeeech!

Hairdryer in the morning & let 'em warm up when I 'm done in the afternoon is what I do!
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man up, sally. :

I find it really helps to be able to get your thumbs in behind the two "ears" of the shell's lower overlaps, and pry those "ears" apart while you lever your foot up and out of the boot.
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I can usually manage to get mine off with a lot of effort, although they are not that stiff. I've gotten pretty efficient at it. My bootfitter has this contraption that he uses for spreading the shells that just came to mind. It's a flat board with a binding mounted on it, along with two ropes run through a couple of metal loops that are also attached to the board. At the end of the ropes are some vise-grip pliers. If you're that desperate at the end of the day, you could always leave such a thing in your car, minus the binding.
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Originally Posted by real9999
Bring a hair dryer.

Interesting idea...I wonder if I could run that off of one of those AC/DC converters.
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It's gotten easier with the ZipFits... I just pull the entire liner out of the shells. Much less pain than the doggone bite I got from the XTs every time I put my foot in or took it out!
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Your key to success is the lower shell. To get in, pull apart the lower shell, just under the cuff, and your foot will slide right into the stiffest of boots.

Getting out, same thing, get that lower shell open and you'll come out. It's a bit harder because you're trying to pry your foot out as you're spreading the shell...

Once the first boot is off, use that foot to kick off the other boot by wedging it down behind the calf.

Seriously though, knowing to pull apart the lower shell as you're trying to get in is a verrrrrrry useful piece of knowledge, especially when dealing with stiff plug boots.
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Getting out isn't a problem. Slide the foot partially out while the tongue is still still protecting the instep, but the shell has spread. Use hands to help pry the shell open and slide foot out. For getting in, I pull my liners and put them on my feet and then slide right in. I can do this with shells really cold and have no troubles.
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Try one of the heated boot warmers on the market. They sell them pretty cheap on eBay. Try item #8762225909 for the Seirus boot/glove warmer that forces in 100' air to warm them up before putting them on (or search as "boot dryer" as search text)...

...as for getting them off, if I ski with a friend, we "trade" and help each other...if that fails, call the Fire Dept and ask them to bring their "Jaws of Life" ;-)

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try leaving your foot in the liner and remove the foot and the liner from the shell.

but mainly let them warm up.
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Originally Posted by whihildchihld
wokka wokka wokka
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What classifies as a "stiff" boot?
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Get those removable lower legs.
Leave them in your boots.
Otherwise try heavier plastic bags (the kind
used to pack boot accessories, for example)
behind the heel as you lever into the boot.
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Originally Posted by HeluvaSkier
What classifies as a "stiff" boot?
I suspose its subjective. I ski a Head RS100 and these days it feels a bit soft when I'm carving, but if its a cold day they are a b*tch to remove.
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To get in I remove and don the liner then I can force the liner with foot in it into the boot.

Removing is purely a brute force operation.

I ski Lange MF 120's.

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Spray the inside of your liners with Armorall. It will make them slippery and easier to get in and out of.
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