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Solomon Gun length advice

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Hi, I'm planning on buying a pair of solomon guns, but I'm not sure what length and bindings to get with them. I'm 5'7" 120 lbs and a strong expert. I like cliffs(10-15 ft), going straight, trees, and technical chutes. I don't get too many backcountry days in a year (probably around 5) so i mostly ski resorts. I spend most of my time in Mammoth and get to Utah and Jackson hole about once-two times a year. I'm currently on 166 Rossi B2's and they are good for groomers and such. But whenever I take them on the more intense things, they shake and just don't feel very stable. I have to spend more time focusing on keeping my tips from crossing than looking where i am going it feels like. Of course if any of you have any suggestions about other skis that might be good for my skier type please tell. (btw i rarely get more than a 2 feet of pow except for my backcountry days if thats useful at all. Ok thanks!
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i've got a pair of 165cm 04-05 pocket rockets (same as gun) for sale. PM me if you are interested, The are mounted with the salomon s912ti binding.
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longer than u think. they ski short.
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As long as you can get 'em.
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Ok thanks, so you think like 175 would be good for me? i dont really wanna go longer because i like trees a lot.
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I skied the PR 175's for two years in Mammoth..I am level 9..(no cliffs though... 6'0" 200lbs, 39 years young...they ski really short for such a wide ski, however if you ski lincoln peak a lot..or perhaps the p chutes/Felipes...then stick with the 175's as you can throw em around, but with your weight so much lighter..they will hold speed a bit better than they did for me perhaps. I have also skied the 185's..they are fast and more stable with a 20mm radius vs. the 17 or 18 radius on the 175's.

Super fun ski that catches a lot of crap from some out there that thrill for super stiff set ups..still the one that started the 90mm rage however...

Lots of other stuff out there these days that beat em though in edge and stability areas, but this Gun is on sale now at a lot of places.

PS: Try the Dynastar Trouble Maker..very fun..more stable but still great for the tight chutes and trees, where a huge 185 or 190 ski are more difficult.

Hope this helps.

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