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Jay Peak Grooming?

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My wife and I are in Stowe but considering heading to Jay for a day this Friday, 2/10.

Looking at their website, I can't find a grooming report.. their interactive trailmap shows all trails as ungroomed which seems a little odd.

My wife is a low intermediate skier and really only skis groomed blues..

anyone know what the current grooming status is of their intermediate terrain?

Also, I see they are offering a 3 for discount.. any idea what the crowds will be on a Friday?

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Hey I go there every year and their blues are always groomed. I recomend Earls Dream for a trail, its really long and fun! And for advanced go for Everglade and Bever Pond is fun too.
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Crowds will be biggest on Sat then Sunday and Friday in that order.
All of the blue runs are groomed. There is very little "easy" blue groomed runs. For a "low" intermediate there are only two maybe three runs from the flyer, tram, and boni quad. Ullr's is a nice run with one steep section. Goat is nice but can get extremely icy right over the ridge. Northway is ok, but usually gets a lot of traffic. Vermonter off the summit would be a black run at any other resort in VT.

Just a hint, to get at some of the runs under the tram and flyer, bypass the icy goat run by taking alligator alley. And do not wait to take the tram, as there are only a couple runs off of the summit that can not be accessed by the other lifts (mostly expert) and the wait is usually 30-40min if the line has started Q'ing.

Take her into bushwacker or moon walk glades for her first "tree" experience.
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