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Originally Posted by Thatsagirl
Okie dokie, come join our club! The more happy women on skis, the merrier, dontchya think?

I'm happy to be a part of this kind of club! And I"m happy to welcome any who want to leave their worries behind and .....
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Check out the Volkls. They have many models for intermediate to advanced women, and they are a bit burlier than other skis.
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Frau, head here www.skimag.com and click on "gear finder" on the left side of the page. There are pages and pages of gear reviews for 2006 and past years too.

Don't pay attention to the prices...all is retail here, and you should be able to find everything for (at most) 1/2 of what you see here. The last 3 pairs of skis I bought was on e-bay, and all were $ 400 or less with bindings.

I agree with most here that favor a narrower waist ski for eastern conditions. I would try to stay in the 64-70 range for the underfoot dimension. Both pairs that I ski on are 68 underfoot and work well on the hard stuff and manage a little float in powder. Try to keep the tip dimension in the 108 + range and wider there equals better float in powder and turnier (in general) on groomed.

Oh yeah....shoot for around 160 cm or so.
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Dynastar Exclusive Legends are awesome and versatile!
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I'm 5'5 and... not skinny. I have Burnin' Luvs in 160, I think they are terrific. However I'd rather ski off the groomed than on, and if the Lotta had been around when I bought last, I would have grabbed them. In fact, I will probably end up with a pair sooner or later.

I'm not one for multiple ski use, that just seems like too much trouble to me, I think something around the Lotta dimensions would be the ideal one-ski deal for me.
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So, Frau, I've been wondering....what ski did you decide to get, and how do you like it?
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Atomic Balanze 11
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