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Utah Questions

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Hi, my family and I are heading out to park city on feb 18th. My friend and I are pretty advanced skiers in the east and can do just about anything. We were both ut at vail last year and skied a little powder, but we still have minimal powder experience. We plan on skiing park city deer valley the canyons, and alta. Now I have a few questions:

1) What are the best places for powder in park city, deer valley and the canyons. What bowls should I hit.

2) How is the difficulty of pc's bowls. I've seen the map and they're all double diamonds. Are they really challenging or are they doable for a non experienced powder skier, that is very good in groomers and crud.

3) What are some wide open areas that are excellent for intermediate to advanced cruising.

4) what are the least crowded areas of each mountain. What are the areas that take the longest to get tracked out.

5) I just looked at the forecast for the week. It looks like no snow in the area. Do any of you locals know if we will get some powder days when we are out there. What is the long range forecast for feb 18-25th.

Thanks for your help
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From what i understand the Bowls at Vail are not all that steep. Most at PCMR are on the steep side but very ski able for a skier with good solid skills. Easiest Bowl would be McConkeys followed by Blueslip. Chutes above Puma are scary Puma it's self is pretty fun well worth the hike. I hate to bust a bubble but most major resorts will be skied out by 1pm on Powder day. Deer Valley is your best bet if there is new snow. Seems that a lot of the Deer Valley guest don't like all that pesky snow on top of the fine groomed runs. Some great skiing to be had at the Canyons off the Super Condor Chair. That an area that seems to get over looked. I would look into a day at Snowbasin. It is a 45 min drive from Pack City. Check the photos posted by Mr Crab in the Gathering thread for some PCMR action shots.
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Thanks utah49. We get up early enough to get powder runs in the morning when the snow is fresh, so if its tracked out by 1pm i wont be that dissapointing. We probably will only ski four different places so what four do you reccommend. Should I choose snowbasin over the canyons or dear valley?
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I'd definitely say Snowbasin is a worthy replacement over The Canyons or DV - although if you'll be out there a week, you should have time to hit them all.
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I wouldn't know what to skip in order to hit Snowbasin. I just know that it is an excellent mountain well worth the drive from Park City.
By The way study those PCMR trail maps. Most people tend to just ski one area and miss some of the best PCMR has to offer. Here are some of the runs I like. Willies and Erika's Gold off the King Con Ridge. Late in the day when I still have some legs but need to slow the pace The runs serviced by the old slow Mother load chair are a lot of fun. Old slow chairs are great for giving the legs a rest. There is some fine tree skiing over there as well as the marked runs. If you like bumps then The Thayne's lift serves up some very long steep bump runs. The Hoist is a lot of fun. At the Top of the Thayne's Chair you can access Blue slip Bowl. Go straight off the lift and side step up the ridge or ski of to your left and slid into from the side. The run out will take you passed the Mid Mountain Lodge. That is the best place to eat. Ski on past the lodge and your at Mcconkey's lift. At The top find something that looks good and ski it Have fun.
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Originally Posted by SKI-3PO
I'd definitely say Snowbasin is a worthy replacement over The Canyons or DV - although if you'll be out there a week, you should have time to hit them all.
I would say flip that. Snowbasin is a replacement for PCMR, not TC or DV, if you have to replace one for the other.
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Especially Feb vacation week, when PCMR is absolutely crazed.

If you go to Canyons, here is a hint. If there is a big gondola line (and there will be that week) take Golden Eagle Chair, then Super Fury or Gforce down to Sun Peak express, then loop around to Red Pine. Can also stay on the north side of the mt and ski Condor if you like cruisers and/or bumps.
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thanks drb.

we got a great rate onm a condo (just about slopeside) to pcmr. Thuis means that were definitely gonna ski pc one day. I heard from locals that there are some nice areas and lots of good cruisers.
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