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b3's vs. legend pro

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pretty much decided i want the legend pro 186, but can get last years 185 cm. rossi b3 for $390. compared to $750 for the legend pros. how do these compare?
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i don't want to sound like a dick, but if you don't know, the LP's probably aren't the best ski for you.

B3's are softer, will float better and are more manueverable. LP's are super stable, think racestock for the bigmountains.
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rjp, you kinda do sound like a dick. you don't know how i ski and i aint gonna explain myself to you. i've been skiing for 43 of my 46 years, on average 30-40 days per year. i can ski with anyone anywhere. i have a shitload of skis now, but i want a new fat one to keep the challenge going. rjp, stay on the greens and blues. i want an opinion from someone who skis or has skiid this ski, and knows what they are talking about. now that that is out of my system, can someone tell me how the 186 legend pro compares to 185 b3's? is there something else i might be interested in?
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