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zip fit and krypton

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i got a pair of zip fits from the shop i been dealing with "he had a pair from another customer and let me try out" so we fit them i kept them warm got in lodge and there is no way i can buckle 2nd buckle on boot ...also took alot of work when we fit them...so my question is "i posted a picture and there is no model number or name" are all the liners so bulky and if so how do you gety them buckled...or are the new ones a little less bulky
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That liner doesn't look like part of the current lineup. That looks like the old version of the Espresso.

I can only comment on the new Plug Leather (go to zipfitna.com to check 'em out). The Plug Leather is lower volume through the forefoot than the stock Krypton Pro liner. The Cuff and Tongue are a bit higher volume (due to the flow material).

So I'm not sure if you'll be able to buckle the middle buckle or not since that area falls between.
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