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Today a buddy was gracious enough to get me access to the demo day today at Copper! Anyway, here's a bit of first hand info on some sticks:

Pontoon: Well, although conditions were far from ideal for this ski, I took it out first as I couldn't help myself. Let me start by saying, the shovels are HUGE. They felt a bit heavy on the lift, but let's face it, these are big skis. However, once you get moving, they don't feel nearly as heavy underfoot. First few turns on hardpack at the top were really odd...the shape of the ski makes it feel like the edges are SUPER sharp, but you can actually turn them just fine if you lay into them a bit and drive them. A majority of soft snow was gone, but I did manage to find a few stashes and get a few good turns in the soft where these belong...SICK. The tips just surf like crazy while the tail stays low. The little bit of soft I found lead me to believe these would be a hell of a ride on a deep day. Tips are very soft and floppy at speed, but it's a pow ski...don't bring it out if the snow's hard. Overall, I'd say the 'toon was interesting and I can't wait to get on a pair again when the snow is right.

Silencer 179: I'm not much of a park skier, but I wanted to make some quick laps on the Silencer to see what K2 is bringing to the table in terms of inexpensive jibby skis. The Silencer, I believe, uses an old Public Enemy shape, but is capped and will cost $299. This ski is super light and SUPER 'turny.' It's also more stable (stiffer) than other similarly priced skis (i.e. Invader, old Fuja), which I think is nice for bigger jibsters on a budget. Anyway, enough with the little skis, let's get to the fun stuff...

Head Mojo 105 191: This ski is dope. I went straight up to Union Bowl so I could open them up a bit and was quite impressed. The mount seemed a bit forward of what I am used to but they skied surprisingly well. The tail was very stable, yet not too stiff that the forward mount was bucking me around. The tips seemed soft at first, but tracked well through chop and the amount of deflection was much much less than I expected. When I found a few untouched turns, the tips seemed to surf, which was also surprising as I wouldn't consider the shovel to be super wide. These are also super fun ripping big turns on the hardpack and edge grip was great. These are notably lighter and softer than predecessors the m103 and Supermojo as they lack the extra metal. Overall, I really enjoyed this ski thinking it would serve as a great one ski quiver, but let's be realistic...who really wants a one pair of sticks??

Atomic Thug 192: Schweet. The sandwich construction of this ski seems bomber. I was stoked to get on these and they didn't disappoint. The lesser sidecut, which I'm a big fan of, was very welcome when I started to let them run and edge grip was quite good once I got a feel for them. More stable feeling than the Mojo in both tip and tail and heavier as well. They track very well yet were agile enough to carry speed in tighter trees. I skied them in the 'back' mount position, which is plenty far forward for me. Overall a very solid and enjoyable ride. I'd say the Thug is similar to the ANT, only a bit heavier and wider.

Nordica Supercharger Blower 193: Fun ski, but not one I would buy for myself. Once again, the conditions weren't ideal and I think this ski would really excel in softer snow. The tips felt softer than the previous two and deflected easier. Super fun on hardpack for such a big ski, they turned well and had great edge grip. Overall, this ski was alright, but just not my favorite.

191 ANT (next year's): Good news! Despite rumors of the ANT being softer next year, it skis virtually the same. The tips are ever-so-slightly softer, but they still tracked as well as any ski out there. This is still one of my favorite skis on the market. Edge grip (although turn radius is huge) is superb. Super stable. There's really nothing I don't like about this ski other than if you mount too far forward, it'll dive, but supposedly the slight change for next year has dialed it in perfectly. If my current pair break, I'll have no qualm with riding a pair of next year's. Stoked!

189 Squad: Holy shit this thing feels stiff when I flexed it before clicking in! I can't imagine what the 194 feels like, which I didn't see. However, when skiing them (mostly on hardpack again), they didn't feel as stiff as I expected. Edge grip felt somewhat funky, but these skis don't like turning anyway. Laterial stiffness was plenty too. I haven't skied the current B4, but have skied last year's 195 B3 and the Squad line is far and beyond in all aspects...I think Rossi did it right. Overall, again, not a ski I would personally choose, but heaps of improvement over prior year's and a straightlining machine!

Skis I really wanted to ski, but were not there: 194 Squad, 194 LPP, 193 EHP

I'm sure there's certain info that I probably left out of my short novel above, so please PM me or ask on here if you have other questions for me.