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Atomic ski/binding question

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Just skied my 1st 2 days on my new C:11 puls ti skis. They are loads of fun and exceeded my expectations in terms of performance. However...about halfway through the first day, I noticed some squeaking : , which became virtually constant from then on. A closer look pinpointed the noise coming from either the bindings where they attached to the plates or between the plates and the skis. Has anyone else encountered this? Do I need to be concerned? It is somewhat annoying and unconcerting. It was suggested that I might use some silicone spray to alleviate this. I'd appreciate any thoughts.
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Take a few minutes to drive over to Ski Chalet in Germantown, and have John Beltrachi (sp?), their head technician, look them over to be sure something like a binding screw isn't coming undone.

Given its the end of the season around here, I'm sure they won't be busy and can at least give your skis a quick once-over while you wait.

Tom / PM
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Have the system checked to make sure all the mounting screws are torqued properly. Also, do your boots sqeak when you flex them? The noise could be amplified through the skis.
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It's definitely not the boots because the noise occurs if I flex the skis on their own. I will have the mounting screws checked. Curiously, in an email reply an Atomic rep said "that squeaking noise gets me riled up, but I guess you have to sacrifice performance with comfort sometimes." Not really the answer I was looking for.
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I noticed that squeak on my new R11 puls. It was there the first couple of days and then seemed to go away or else I just got used to it. I think it has to do with the pulse moving a little independant of the ski itself and the plate causing some rubbing. Of course this independance is the idea. Make sure there is no gap between the plate and bindings (ie screws not fully tightened down) as mentioned above.

The B5s don't seem to have the squeak but has lots of the independant movement.
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Had the R11s out again today. Actually the squeak is still there. Only hear it on Tbars or traverses/cat tracks. Things flex independant and the sound lets me know it's happening, I'm good with that.
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