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Franconia Notch Report.

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Last night I returned from Franconia after skiing Cannon. It was a good day for me, but many might not have liked it. Cold and fast, I was skiing with the Volant Z-max USA made 205's. There's not enough snow for bumps and the state of N.H. does a damn good job of grooming what they have. Pretty much the whole Mountain was open with only the extreme and peripheral areas lacking snow. We had some snow the previous day and overnight which gave the skiing a nice edge. On top of that, it was far from being crouded and over-run with kids. The previous day I did some hiking in the notch. The open slopes were windy and the woods was the place to be. The trails were hard ice in many places, but my use of ice studs worked. However, the best approach was going into the woods with my high rubber La Crosse boots. The snow wasn't deep enough to require snowshoes and had a good pack to it. I followed the falling waters trail to the creek and mounted the ravine. It's been cold the last few days and the ice in Profile Lake looks quite inviting for skating. You'll prabably be seeing a lot about Franconia in the next couple of weeks if you follow the Olympics and Bode lives up to the hype. It's a great winter sports resort.
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Thanks for the report, I'm taking an exam there Monday and Tuesday.

There's no bumps? How is the coverage on the steeper slopes?
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I love the Franconia Notch area, it's beautiful anytime of the year. We're skiing in the area over president's weekend (I know, should be a zoo. My grown daughter lives in N.H.) Anything but rain and/or 60 degree weather should be fine .
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I love that area too. I've only been there a couple of time. The last was in '95 when I was at Cannon for my L3 skiing exam. It was a monday-tueday exam, and I got there friday night to ski saturday and sunday. Saturday night we got 3 feet of cold smoke in -20F temps. It was colder than (pick your analogy), but the skiing was un-friggin-real!
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Thanks for the great report. I love Cannon and the whole Franconia scene. Was Skylight open?

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