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ABQ>SLC by motor vehicle.

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The girlfriend and I are going to take the ol' van up to Ootah this weekend from Albuquerque. Any tips on this drive from anyone?

I was going to fly, but 230 bucks roundtrip versus 150 in gas round trip....I'll take the latter, and I get to bring the lady friend.

Meanwhile, Alta's base is deeper than Taos' snowfall for the year...
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What kind of tips are you looking for? Ive done the drive from Park City to Santa Fe a couple of times. I have always enjoyed the ride. You see some amazing country. It has been about 3 years since the last trip. As I recall it took about 12 to 13 hours to and from Santa Fe. If you can, take some time to stretch your legs in Moab. Moab is a pretty cool little town. There is a really good brew pub there. Rather then take I70 across Utah to I15 try Hwy 6. It would be a more direct then I70. Just take care on Soldier Pass between Helper UT and Spanish Fork, It's known as Utah's deadlist road. I don't know what else you are looking for? Enjoy the drive and have fun at Alta.
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Ray's Tavern in Green River, Utah.

Great Hamburgers, very old school western bar, nothing hip about it.
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Thanks guys thats the kind of info I'm looking for.
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Watch for speed traps between Cortez and Monticello. And as Utah49 sez, be careful over Soldier Summit. It's the tail end of the Wasatch and can get some bad weather.
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