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Hi all,

I wanted to share with you something that happened to me at Sunshine Village Jan 22\06.

My wife and I went out west recently to Ski for 3 days and see some family.

Our first day there we decided to go to Sunshine, based on a article I had read in Skier last year.

We got on the slopes at 10am, it was great. We did some warm-up runs on the Strawberry chair and headed up the Continetle divide she fell a couple of time comeing down (our first time Mountain Skiing) so went to lodge for a break. As soon as we were in the lodge (at 12pm) she had a severe asma attack, she couldn't breath. Unfortauntly the inhaler was in th car (at sunshine you have to go up 20mins in a gondala just to get to the chair lifts) so i got Ski patrol.

They were awesome in getting her to breath and the pulse rate down. (here's where the problem came in) They sent me down to the car to get the inhaler. So I head down, once i get to the car (1:15pm) i realize it's a rental and she had the key. I then headed to the ticket booth and called the infermery where they had her. I spoke with a young lady whom after I told her my name and I was the husband of the Young lady that had the asthma attack, and before I could say anything else said "Let me guess, you forgot the keys, it happens all the time; let me ask what they want to do". SHe came back to the phone and said "they are going to send her down, just wait at the bottom".

This was at 1:20pm, so at 1:45 i didn't see her, I called up again, they said "she's comeing down". 2:15pm still don't see her, so i call again and I get they are sending her down. Remember I can't go anywhere, get a drink or anything because i'm waiting for her. 2:45 same thing they are sending her down. This goes on until 3:30pm when I snapped and reemed out a Ski patrol women about this. she comes back and apoligizes said they had mixed me up with the boyfriend of a another young lady who broken her leg and she's comeing down.

4:15 she gets off the gondala, see's me and says man i just want to go give me the keys, I said you have the keys, she tells no they sent them down with a kid who broke his ankle. I said WHAT.

Here's her story, after I called up they came to her got the keys and sent them down with the Kids father. (I remember seeing him get off around 2:50pm) The whole time I was down there calling up she was wondering where I was. She said the last time I called up she heard on SKi patroller's radio I was down there waiting so figured out what was going on and got them send her down.

SO...after she tells me about the keys. I told her to wait and I found a guy named Max who co-incedntly was the guy who unloaded the kid with the broken leg. I told him what happened with the keys, he got MAD (not at me) said they never told me, when this happens they radio me and I get the keys and give them to whomever is waiting. He brings me to his desk and calls SKi patrol, they said yeah we sent the keys down. He asked for the name of the kids dad and his phone number, they told him no we can't give that out. Since I was beside him i heard him say "what do mean it's not your problem?, fine i'll figure it out". He looks at me says don't worry I rember his name we'll call the Hospital in Banff.

I then got my wife and we went to his desk again. (i want to say that we don't blame the dad, his first priorty was of course his kid and we were thinking, which as you'll see later he did; he forgot about the keys) He called but the family wasn't there. He called ski patrol again and when they said we are not going to give any info he told them fine you can speak to her husband cause he's right here beside me and wants to know what your problem is. SO they gave the name and phone number. We called got the cell number, turn out they were in the canmore hospital. and had forgotten about the keys He got them to leave the keys at the front desk.

He told me we'll just send someone to get the keys (I was thinking that this must have happened before) He called Valet (they had the Sunshine cars) they said and i heard this on the radio, that they wern't going to do that send them on the shuttle. I told MAx that i wanted this guy here, he smiled and said no lets find him, We found him (the manager of valet) Ray, he said he couldn't do that. I then said ok i want to speak to someone in charge he told me that there wasn't anyone. I snapped I told him that this wasn't our fault I want my keys. He gave me the shuttle line again to which I explained to the guy that the inhaler (which she still needed to take) both our shoes, and her purse were in the car and that the hotel key was on the key chain in Canmore. So he said OK it'll take an hour this was at 5:15.

I asked who was going to buy our dinner since most of our money was in the car and it wasn't my fault i was still there a 5:15. Ray said uhh we can't do that. Max who rolled his eyes said don't worry ray i'll figure something out and took us to creek side grill (the restuant at the base) he talked to Manager on duty who then agreed to take care of us. So we got whaever we wanted. I was talking to a young lady who took my number and told me Manger would call me.

6:15, a guy brings us our keys. since the place was closed and 1) our car was mid way in the parking lot 2) it was dark as hell 3) it wasn't our fault, i asked for a drive to my car. I was told again, I don't think i can do that, and again I told him he was going to do as asked. He talked to ray and we got a lift. so we left at 6:30pm, We got 2 hours skking and six hours of run around.

The reason this took so long to post was because I was in communication Renee (the base manger) who told me he was really sorry and when he found out what happened from Max and the young lady from the restaurant he was stunned. He told me that he would look into it and call me.

Then the Manger or Sunshine Chris, called me he told me he was sorry that ray and Ski patrol have been dealt with and that there was someone in charge, whom shoud have dealt with all this AND that this was partly my fault!! I told him the only mistakes I made was forgetting the inhaler and that it was rental and that at best it was a 80min mistake (4 gondla trips) not 6 hours. I then told him that the customer service was crap. I had to make them give the name of the guys with our keys, get the keys, buy us dinner and drive us to the car. He apoligized again agreed that the service wasn't what SUnshine expects and that it won't happen to another guest.

Aside from the fact he said this wouldn't happen to another guest he offerd me and the wife a free lift tickeck for the day we missed, valid for this and next season. I told him I was back in ontario and that doesn't help. He said it's all I can do to which i said if ever go out there again i'm just going to back to lake Louise and hung up.

I just wanted to let you all know about our ordeal and hope it never happens to you other bears.