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salomon pilot 2 pair ski bag

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just got delivered yesterday. i know it was a little pricey, but having gone through two other brands in the past year, one a volkl, whose handles ripped the first time i picked it up loaded and the other a high sierra which barely fit the two pairs and got the shit kicked out of it. i got my money back on the volkl, and i'll giv the other away. so i got smart, sucked it up, and spent the money($129). this bag is incredible. it reeks of quality and it has a ton of room. it has internal blocks to support the skis and really beefy velcro staps to hold each pair individually. it's lined with a reinforced heavy vinyl and the exterior is codura. it comes with a 5 year unlimited warranty. snow shack has the best price. i'm pretty confident that it will hold up well. 3-4 air trips a year, i need something bulletproof.
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i meant to say that it has 2 inline skate wheels and great handles also.
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some good digi pics would be appreciated, I have looked at this bag a number of times, but the pictures are useless.

let us know how it works in real life, IE to and from the hill etc.. will it fit ski boots and some gear in addition to 4 skis and 4 poles.

thanks in advance
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sorry, i don't have a digital camera and am pretty green on the computer. the only boots you could fit in the compartment would be tele's or small alpines. it easily fits 2 pairs of poles, each pair seperately strapped in. you wouldn't be able to carry boots anyway as most airlines limit you to 50 lbs.. with both pairs of skis and poles there is still a shitload of room for gloves, helmet, long johns, etc., even coats.
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Just a bump hoping for some digi pics of this bag from some helpfull bears out there.
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How much does this bag weigh?
Airlines, in an effort to raise $, are getting reallly strict about enforcing the 50 lb weight limit. I got nailed last year by the nazis at Montrose airport on a trip back from Telluride. I was using the A J Kitt ski bag, which is great but weighs too much on its own and is so large that in order to pack it properly you invariably go over the weight limit. Needless to say I'm in the market for a replacement double ski bag.
How is the padding on the bag?

P.S. Snowshack is sold out of this bag. Anyone have suggestions on who else sells it at a decent price?
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the bag weighs in at less than 8 lbs. on my bathroom scale. i know what you mean about the a.j. kitt bag, my buddy has one. in my opinion, the salomon blows it away. smaller, and built better. the way the skis are secured is really ingenious. each pair is rested on raised platforms and then secured by beefy velcro straps and there is a large seperate compartment which is under the ski tips to carry gear. there is also a nice zippered compartment for flat items. are you sure snowshack is out? i know that they were out of the combo. bags(ski and duffel), but they did have the ski bag solely. they do have the best price. backcountry.com has it for $149. google "salomon pilot 2 pair wheeled duffle". i am flying into jackson on tuesday and will let you know next week when i get back how well it held up. looking at it, i can't imagine anything falling apart. and it does come with a 5 year warranty.
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also, it is padded thoroughly throughout. and no, i don't work for salomon.
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Just another bump hoping for some digi pics of this bag from some helpfull bears out there.
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Everyone seems to be sold out of this bag. My guess is that it is a discontinued item but if anyone knows were to get one I would love to hear.
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Can Ski at Panorama had them at xmas time, they were on sale as well, but they were wrapped in plastic and they wouldn't let me open it.

Bummer, I should have bought it. Ye who hesitates loses.
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just another bump in hopes of some real life pictures of this bag whilst summer is still upon us and there is time to take pics instead of skiing.
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I got two of the Dakine wheeled bags. My son used one this summer to Mt. Hood and said it was great.
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I have my eyes on some Dakine bags that are similar. I have no need for wheeled bags. the wheels would just be extra weight carrying to and from vehicle and to and from the lodge.

I have had Saloman bags in the past and their quality and design for function were always excellent.

I have not owned any Dakine as of yet.
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Have 2 Dakine wheeled double bags for the 3 of us (me, wife and son). I haven't seen anything else better so far. Very durable, fully padded, easy to pull through the airport. And got them for about $60 each on sale.
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