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Should manufacturers have reps who post here?

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Most of the people here seem to be fairly clued up with equipment but would it be better to have company reps posting here to clear up some of the finer points discussed.

I understand Betaracer is a rep and has done a fine job answering questions but is this in any official capacity or is it just your own idea?

The info on the official websites is patchy at best and I have never had an answer to any of my questions I have asked them.

Would you like to be able to ask reps about the gear and what is coming up? Would you respect the manufacturer more if they were up front about their products?
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It would certainly be in their best interest to contribute, and they are very welcome. Both Atomic and this community have mutually benefited a great deal from BetRacer's extensive knowledge of Atomic's product line.
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It would be great to read posts from the company's reps. Perhaps AC could issue a semi-formal type of invitation or more indirectly inveigle their participation.
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It would be great to invite reps to contribute and have them declare themselves .And we would know there would be a certain amount of bias and weigh the info accordingly.I fear that if the manufactors found out they would muzzle them according to the company s policies.
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Sounds like a good idea. It is an equipment forum, after all, and most people don't know squat about the inner workings or changes of new equipment. The company would provide better info.
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Haveing other company reps post here would be an excellent idea. As I recall There was a rant in another forum when K2 moved thier manufaturing to China. A V.P. from K2 came came into the forum to state the Company position.He took a lot of crap at first.But he stuck to his guns explained the company postion and by the end of the thread had won some people over.Even those that throw the biggest flames at K2 came away admiring The guys courage and honesty in presenting K2's side of the story.
Both betaracer and spinheli (who I think is a K2 rep.)Have added much to this forum.If any gear reps are lurking out there come on in.This is a forum of deticated skiers.Skiers that know how much the right ski,boot,binding or other gear ads to our enjoyment.Besides that many of us have not maxed out our redit cards yet

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I "Pro Rep" for K2. I don't claim to be a gear expert,however, I have all their reference material with me here at my desk.

I have three pairs of their skis and am quite happy with the products this year. The Mach S is a great little short turn ski that is rock solid on hard snow. The Axis X Pro seems to know no speed limit, holds well, and is obviously not as quick a ski as the mach S. I have skiied briefly on the Enemy and like it as well.
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I deffinitly think that reps should post here. It is the easiest way to gain extra information regarding a specific company. many reps are very knowledgable about proform and how to get it, how to get replacements for broken equipement, and even new product lines. I myself would be curious to know who all the reps ont his forum are and who they rep for in case anyone ever had any detailed questions that they could possibly answer better than the regular non associated consumer (no offense to all the gear nuts - like myself - but sometimes we need more info that they can provide).
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I know that if we had a "manufacturers" forum, every time I wanted new equipment I would go there first to see what the reps had to say.

AC, uhhh... Admin5 informs me that forum #9 isn't being used. I see it still has the old title in place, although you do have it locked down.
Perhaps you could relabel it and re-activate it?

FWIW, at a car website I go to, tirerack.com has a rep onsite and he's not only very useful to the members, he also generates more than a little business for his employers.

Here's the thing...
If you opened up that old forum and let it be a manufacturers forum, once they see business starting to be generated from there, they would most likely be willing to help a bit with the bandwidth costs.

Even if they didn't, you already have the forum available. You don't even have to make a new one.
Then a quick e-mail to the manufacturers letting them know it's available and that you already have reps from "whoever" that come to the forum, maybe they would like to have someone just drop in and check the forum a couple of times a day.

The worst that could happen is... nothing.
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My view is the reps should post, but it should be more obvious on their posts about equipment that they are reps. The reps are great for clarifying things and give great advise on their products. I have read threads where they suggest their brand to people new to the forum and I doubt the people realize they are getting advise from a rep. Maybe the reps should put it as part of their signature when they recommend equipment.

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The Kayaking forum I frequent (boatertalk.com) has several reps who post frequently, including the current freestyle world champion, Eric Jackson and the Founder, president and chief designer of Riot kayaks Corran Addison. These people are extremely helpful and it definately helps their business although Corran tends to rub some people the wrong way he's always there to answer any questions people have. I'm definately considering a Riot boat for my next kayak largely because of Corran's input online.
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No, reps shouldn't post here. HEHE.

I can't see us being civilized.
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