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DVD's ski instruction

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Just learned of PSIA-E Dev team DVD for level l,ll,lll ski standard. Only $20.00. I understand there are some graphics and the skiing video is looped.

Also US SKI TEAM created a DVD complete with 20 lessons to be a better skier. No cost was noted, though a PSIA discount was.

Has anyone recieved these? Reviewed them? I plan to order the PSIA one next week and will order the US SKI TEAM one if the price is reasonable.
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Just ordered it up. I'll let you know.

I've got the PSIA-RM DVD. Its pretty good.
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The PSIA-E DVD is good. Whitetail has a house copy in the school house. I understand that the license states you can freely copy the DVD.
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The USSA DVDs are $60 each without the discount for PSIA members.

The PSIA-E standards DVD is definitely worth a look. My school has a copy on hand.

That said, I have definite problems with it both as a ski instructor and a multimedia producer. The idea is a good one and it is a useful tool, in execution it went all wrong.

The organization makes sense. There is an introduction, a section on each level and an interesting montage of high level skiers. In each section, a short video of a skier free-skiing or performing is played many times. National demo team members Megan Harvey and examiner Peter Howard provide commentary.

Their commentary on the skiers is boringly clinical. It’s filled with technical terms and tries so hard to be sensitive it becomes really difficult to understand what they’re saying. What has made my experiences with d-teamers so valuable are their ability to provide accurate, direct feedback in a constructive way. That is missing here.

Production Values
The audio mix is terrible, sometimes the narration is too soft and the music too low. The graphics at the end of each section are confusing and look awful.

Imagine my surprise when I saw my mom on the DVD as someone not at the standard. My mom jokes about having a staring role and is not upset by it.

She did not authorize PSIA-E to use her image in the DVD, she was recorded at Pro-jam and never thought the footgage would be used for anything else. While the legality of this is not really in question as she didn’t have an expectation of privacy on a public ski slope and allowed herself to be taped. It was unethical, a standard media release in the event application could easily remedy this situation.

Greg – you can borrow mine
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Don't be too hard on them. Lousy production is what kept the cost down. Otherwise these kinds of things don't get done.

I found myself disagreeing with the commentary in a couple of spots. In one case I was asked to explain why the commentary indicated a failed run that looked better than a passing run. When I replayed the "good" skier in slow motion and broke the movements down, it SOUNDED like I was saying something totally different than what the commentary said. But at the end, they were only saying what results they were looking for vs what the problems were. From my perspective this actually works out to be brilliant. It gives more experienced pros a chance at exercizing their skills and interacting with (and training) less experienced pros.
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Sounds like the PSIA-E VHS video of years ago. Marginal filming and lousy production values. However, the comments, that could barely be heard, were of great value when matched with the video.

I'm not faulting PSIA-E. These are a bunch of ski instructors not videographers and movie editors or producers. As long as the video shows what is needed, the production values don't really matter.
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Good production values don't always mean lots of money. They could have easily fixed the sound with a few mouse clicks.
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Originally Posted by T-Square
I've got the PSIA-RM DVD. Its pretty good.
It's very good. I do wish it included some commentary.
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The straight down overhead shots in the PSIA-RM DVD are great. You can really see the action of the skis on the snow. Also, I love the funky ski instructor song. That's a winner all by itself!
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Originally Posted by therusty

The PSIA-E DVD is good. Whitetail has a house copy in the school house. I understand that the license states you can freely copy the DVD.
Just got the video. I think it is very good. I like the technical discussions. They are what is needed in order to improve your own Movement Analysis of the skiiers.

therusty, where is the license? I did not see one, nor did I see a copyright.
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The PSIA-RM DVD was produced by EpicSki's own Bob Barnes.

Every PSIA event I've ever attended included a release signing that was a video release as well as a liability release. FWIW.
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Originally Posted by T-Square
therusty, where is the license? I did not see one, nor did I see a copyright.
Yes - you see - exactly my point. No license = no copyright. Just word of mouth. Maybe people will stop whining about PSIA dues if they get somethin for nothin? Criminy - what am I thinking? They'll just complain about something else, like lousy production values or no model releases or animals harmed during the production....

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I have not seen where you buy these DVD's...please post a link?
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This is a PSIA-Eastern division product. You can get order it by printing off this order form and mailing or faxing it in. The DVD is in the middle of the form (PSIA-E Alpine Standards DVD New in 2005-06! 20.00).

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Thanks everyone... Jess, I can't wait to see your mom and get her autograph.

Any comment on the US Ski team DVD?
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