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Pole size for zipper line bump skiing

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Any of you zipper-line bump skiers ski your poles shorter than the 'standard'? If so, how much shorter?
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It helps to have your poles shorter but not necessary. 10cm shorter than normal is a good estimate for me. I can't stand having to switch out for poles just becuase I want to ski something besides bumps. Stick to your normal length unless all you do is tear up lines.
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I should add - this is for when I'm planning on doing bumps pretty much most (80-90%) of the day and I'm skiing on my bump specific skis (Salomon 1080 Mogul), which aren't too good out of the bumps so I really dont have an option! <FONT size="1">

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Mack, I dig the zipper line and have noticed a marked improvement in my bump skiing both times I cut 3/4 inch off my poles.

I have seen *some* competition bumpers that I've seen have poles that are way too short. They have to crouch down a bit to pole forward in the lift line, etc.

If I were you, I would make friends with a ski shop guy and take half an inch off and test them for a few runs, repeat until they feel right. If you take too much off, sell them to some little kid.

Any help?<FONT size="1">

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I find that if I go too short, I tend to bend at the waist. Of course, that's a flaw in the skier, not the equipment. Is my problem common?
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Yes. Poles that are too short force you to reach downhill for the bump which puts you further over the top of your skiis, hence in the Taco Position. A longer pole would help shorten the distance and improve your rhythm. I find many bump skiiers will ski in that postion anyway because they don't know when to absorb and extend hence there always crouched.
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At the Smart Mogul Camps, the professionals/competitors all had relatively short poles. Also the goal they gave us campers was that we wanted our pole plants to be in the "valley" of the zipper line. The thinking is that, to get the proper timing of extension and absorption, the poles need to act as a trigger since poles are mostly for aesthetic purposes in zipper line mogul skiing. In other words when one is standing on the very top of the bump, your knees are supposed to be their most bent in the extension/absorption progression. Therefore, if you have short poles and are reaching for the bottom of the front side of the mogul on which you are standing, your knees have to be really bent. Similarly as you extend (in other words straighten yourself up) down the backside of the bump, your pole becomes longer relative to your body and, not concidentally, your poles are forcing you to be taller. You will be tallest when you hit the lowest point between two bumps.
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Where can I get the old posts.. I believe someone else had posted here but it's gone...

By the way, I talked to a competitive bump skier about this. He says that per the 'normal guidelines' he should be on a 52" pole, yet for bumps he skis on a 44" pole (8" shorter). His point, at full absorption a longer pole would push his hand too high and put him on the backseat.

He suggested that for a recreational skier that is doing the zipper line thing, maybe cutting about 3-4" should be more than adequate since we "don't drop so low".
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In my experience, if you cut your poles short enough so that when you stick the tip in so the basket is touching the snow, your hand should be right around your waist when standing. This should be long enough to keep you from getting hunched over, but definately short enough to keep your weight from getting thrown back.
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