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Does anyone here have experience with Blizzard skis? Specifically the Titan series. I've searched and I rarely (if ever) see them mentioned.

I demoed one of their 'cross' type skis last year and liked it.

Right now I am looking for something with a waist around 77-83. Their Titan series skis get good reviews.

Anyway, just looking to try as many skis as possible. I know they carry these at one of the Alta shops and will try them when I am there in March. Any comments would be appreciated.
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If you searched on epicski then you would've found several reviews regarding the Titan series skis for this year. These were from around early January of this year.
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Love the screen name, it gave me a good laugh in an otherwise sh!tty day.

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I like 'em. My girlfriend really likes her Titan XL's. I really like the SkiCross, but not nearly as much as I liked last years version.

You'll probably be one of the only dudes on any given hill skiing on them.
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Check 'em out-great skis for the $. I will be reviewing Titan's next week, along with the new GSR iQ. That is a serious ski-the only one I have ever seen where the ski wraps around the binding. This has to be the stiffest lateral setup out there.
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