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Gathering 2006 Day 2, 3, and 4

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After reading some of these other posts about this year's Gathering, I thought I might chime in, even though I don't have any pictures to post...MY BAD!

Darin and I skiied with the Bears for three days at three different resorts (Deer Valley, The Canyons, and Park City Mountain Resort), and had a friggin' blast! A big WOO HOO for the Barkin' Bears from around the world: YOU GUYS ROCK!

Of course, we did not witness this incident that happened between SCSA and Cornbread. In fact, I hadn't even heard of this until I read up on it here on EpicSki. I think its too bad that this had to be the first thing to come out, because the vibe this past weekend was anything but tense, or freaked out, or threatening or any other adjective that's been used so far. So far the best word has been, to quote ryan, "SHWEEEET". That goes for the snow, the tree runs, the screamin' rippers, the company, the laughs, the food, the beer (uh, ya, you CAN get a drink around here...), even a little shweet dog fix from Utah49's pooch, Goldie at breakfast on Monday!

Listen, believe what you want, but you can't meet any nicer people than the following folks:

Spindrift and family: No amount of thank you's will do. You did an awesome job getting everyone together, and really making everyone feel welcome. Plus, great Super Bowl party, at a really really REALLY nice house!

Powdigger and Del: You guys are the best. I haven't laughed that much in years. Thanks for the stories!

Julie (from nz)and Adrienne(z): Completely unreal to see you guys again. Julie, thanks for making me go off that cornice, and Adrienne, may those tall green things continue to make you happy. I'll ski the pines with you any day, bro!:

Crabby Patty, me boy, climb that ridge to Puma Bowl, and take me with you to the summit next time. Best run of the day, by far! (You guys want to rip on no pictures, Mr. Crabs should have some, I hope, right Crabby, me boy?)

FRAU: (Start zee countDOWN!) Awesome to meet you, you are my hero. I am sure you are thoroughly enjoying the One for the Thumb.

Terry the Boarder: who happens to ski quite nicely, too, when provoked to go to DV. (tho I know he was lovin' the powder on his snowboard... )

Steve: When's Terry gonna get you ridin', boy? Way fun skiing with you. Keep on smiling!

Oh, who else am I not thinking of...Bruce, ryan, miles, lisamarie and mark, utah49 (and always will be) and Goldie, DV local, MTT, Ant, Fox,
Disski, please forgive me if I forgot anyone, or mangled your on screen name. All of you are absolutely amazing, and I feel privileged to call you friends.

Thank you ALL for a really, really, REALLY GOOD TIME!

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someone's happy

btw, sheskis has a smile on her face 97% of the time.

or is it that she smiles more than 97% of everyone else?
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Still do, ryno, still do.

The other 3% of the time is right before cornices. Then I look like this:


I try!
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It was a blast. Very nice to meet and ski with the Bears! I'm putting together some shots, lots of action- but work keeps interfereing. Heres a gang on top of Jupiter bowl. PCMR, looking across to Big Cottonwood Canyon. L to R Adrain, Julie, Northeasterner, Spindrift, Sheskis,Terry the Monoboarder, I'm not sure, Ant. in the meantime, here are a few highlight shots;
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The cornice at Scotts bowl, PCMR. Do drop in!
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Spindrift jumps...
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Sheskis in Puma Bowl... more to come.
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one more- Julie in Puma, two days after the storm.
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Powdigger at Canyons - after taking me down some powder bumps

Disski at Canyons - accompanying me on some easier routes after my legs started giving out (again )

Lunch at Canyons#1

2nd Lunch shot

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As I mentioned in that other thread, I had a great time during my time at the Gathering. Thanks to spindrift for all of the organization of the event!!! It was great to meet so many of you.
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Looks like you all had another great day at PCMR. My Knee wasn't doing to great. I over did things at the Canyons. I knew if I had skied on Monday I would have pushed things and we all know what happens when you do that. It was great to meet and ski with so many of you.
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Powdiggers Perspective

Trip report:

Thursday February 2, 2006: I arrive with my crew intact in Salt Lake City and quickly pick up transportation. Beau and Luke from Advance Transportation teamed up to get us out of the Airport in record time. So by 10:30 am in the morning my posse and me were in town. But ya know it was 12:30 pm back home so my posse and me slipped Luke a Hamilton and he stopped by 7/11 for a couple of 40’s:

F***ing 2/3 Beer!!!

From there we headed to the luxurious Chateau Apres unpacked, dresses and headed for some free turns at PCMR. However, upon getting to the Chateau we hooked up with Ryan and my posse is ready to go. Me, Del, Tony, Phil and Bob.

The Chateau Apres

12:10pm (mst) and I’m on the snow with my buds. We skied all over the placed but lost Del to boot problems but it was nothing a couple of C notes and Surefoot couldn’t fix. Didn’t catch up with Del until about 4:20pm and ran in to an old friend that was friends with Spoonie (RIP). We ate dinner at the Butcher’s Bar and Grill where they have assume steaks and went to the liquor store to buy real beer (alcohol content greater than 4%). It was Squatter’s India Pale Ale from there we went back to the room to chill and wait for the rest of gang to get into town.

Friday February 3, 2006:

Come Friday morning we wake up late and have to hurry to catch our van. Myself, Del, Tony, Phil, Ryan and yes SCSA take a van ride to Snowbasin. Dan our van driver is an old bumper and he hauls ass to Snowbasin and we get there early and enjoy a great breakfast. Snowbasin has the best day lodge of any place I’ve ever skied peiod. We got on the gondola to ski the top of the mountain socked in with fog. Upon exiting the lift and heading our way down we were completely lost. It was thick and I got vertigo. I was totally confused and at one point while I thought I was stopped on a steep slope I was still moving, traversing slowly across a rock lined opening. I found this out as I reach out to stop myself against the rocks. There was a lot of snow up high and it was fairly soft. So it was not all bad. We made some cautious turns up high and some high speed ones down low. Over all it was a great day although I missed making turn with nolo. Damn . . . plus I did not make the video.

My bud Del (Shark911) and I were going to hang it up at about 2:30 pm, I’ve been skiing with Del since I was 10 and he was 7, however we both looked up and saw the left side of the mountain starting to clear. We did not even have to speak it we grabbed our gear and headed for the Gondola. When we reached the summit the fog was moving out. Don’t know where we skied but we worked our way under the gondola and hit was nice powder bumps and soft chop. We cut across a cat track and down through some trees for some soft turns and them back down some high-speed groomers. It was so good we did it again.

We had a few beers at the day lodge and hit van for the ride home. Dan the man had picked up a case a beer and thanks to Del’s McGyver like beer bottle opening skills we partied all the way home and after a quick bladder maintenance stop we were back at the Chateau. We meet up with some of the other bears at the Wasatch Brew Pub. Good food bad beer.

Saturday February 4, 2006:

Deer Valley was the next on the list. I was looking forward to soft snow and high speed groomers. However, Deer Valley was under whelming. The pitch of the slopes was short and the snow was hard. Still I was able to make some good turn in the bumps on Empirer. However, a lot of the mountain was shut down due to the wind.

Del and I ski out the day beating around the mountain looking for anything interesting. We with MTT, Lisamarie, MarkXS, Paul, Jbotti, Spindrift, steve, bruce, Terry the skier, tony, cornbread, and others.

Yes I was there for the incident. All I will say was that it cleared the room of all Bears and Ryan and Del had gone for pitchers yes plural of beer. When the get back no is there. It was a buzz kill!!! So Ryan, Del and I drank all the beer that we bought to share with 15 people. We stayed at Deer Valley until dark while Del tried to make friends with this young waitress.


Alas to no avail.

Sunday February 5, 2006:

Del bails on me this day and I am on my own. I take the free bus over to the Canyons to meet the other bears but most have already up loaded on the Gondola. However, in the crowd I recognize Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!).

So I agree to be her tour guide for the morning if she was willing to follow.

We uploaded on the Gondola to find a feeding frenzy as the snow last night had blown into the Canyons filling in the place pretty good. So in hopes to find fresh turns for Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!) we head to the far skiers right to find fresh snow in some blue glade runs. The strategy does not disappoint and Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!) has her first fresh snow experience with me. It was skiing deeper in the turns and was energizing. It does not take much to convince Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!) to take another run down the same ridge. This time I pick a steeper and longer aspect. As I start down I realize that underneath the flat new snow surface was an old bump field. Now I am thinking woops sorry Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!). I’m taking face shots in the troughs and move over closer to the tree line to warn Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!). However, I look back to see her relaxed linking some nice turns, absorbing the terrain she could not see and diving in.

Nice job Babe you rock!! (Where did you get those skills?) We later hooked up with Disski and we skied back to the Mid mountain station to look for the other bears.

In the afternoon I skied with Spindrift et al, Sheski and DC and others. We skied some bumps and the a long double blue the took out my legs. Feeling it I bailed and went to the base only to remember that my pack was in the mid-mountains station So I went back up to get the pack and ran into disski and Frau (Shtart zee countdown!!!). We all beat it back to the base and took the bus home.

Monday February 6, 2006:

PCMR and the last day of skiing. Del and I are back on the snow together. We decide to strap on the carvers and scream the groomed slopes all morning.

Mugging for the Camera!!

We hit the NASTAR course where we both take a bronze pin. Good Fun. We ski into town for a quick bite and we switch out our skis. We ski the ungroomed areas and trees off the McConkey lift and have a blast in the late afternoon.

We miss the main gathering group but have great buffalo burgers at the no name. However, we do hook up with the rest of the bears for the “Vote” which was surprising to say the least but a pleasant surprise at that. Del and I end the day pounding down the Jamison’s with MTT (be forewarned MTT can drink!!!) and call it a night.

Tuesday February 7, 2006:

Homeward Bound and tired. It was a great gathering and I’ve been to 4 out of 6 of them. All the “Bears” that I met were great folk. To all the new Bears which I made my first acquaintance I hope to see you again. To my old friends . . . it was nice to ski with you again. God speed and soft turns.




We're back!!!

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O.K.- so here's the pics.http://www.putfile.com/rubob I'm a luddite so this is the best show I could figure out. I'm editing this post and adding stuff- By the time I got the pictures up last night it was late for me.

Snowbasin was a disappointment weather- wise. In Utah we usually get two types of weather- stormy or brilliant bluebird days. This was foggy, zero visibility and manky mucky snow. It's a testiment to everyone's great attitude that the Bears didn't even notice. Too bad Snowbasin's incredible natural beauty was obscured. I drove up with Ant. Met Harken Banks, Del, Diski a bunch of others and ended up skiing the morning with Ryan, Miles B., Ant and SCSA. It was a real adventure- skiing by brail. I had some knowledge of the mountain, but not enough, like exactly where the cliffs are, but that didn't stop some of the party from barrelling on ahead .Which was really funny, because they jumped right down into the gully at the bottom of Elk Ridge and skied it out a good mile and a half while Ant and I travesed the ridgeline, dropped a few turns, traversed again, dropped, repeat,and got the best "powder" of the day. Then Miles' binding exploded and we got seperated in the fog. After a bizarrely inneficient but very elegent cafeteria experience, I spent the afternoon with Ant and Disski, looking for little steep "powder" pitches to hurl Disski down and coach and heckel.It was really fun. She kept comin' back for more. I ski alone a lot and Ant's a great teacher, so it made for a nice afternoon after the hectic morning. Apris ski on Snowbasin's deck with Bears and Beers. Saw Utah 49- heal up soon.

Deer Valley was pretty much as expected- glorious weather and great cruising. Looked for powder in Lady Morgan Bowl, didn't find much, being three days since the last storm. Best snow was Empire Bowl just beneath the cornice- the wind was blowing so much it filled in all the moguls with fluff. Getting there through the Hurricaine was the trick. Snow was great all over, fresh and light- crunchy and well groomed. Not a spot of ice or hard snow anywhere on the mountain. Put the kids in ski school and skied wid Mrs. Crab, DC ,Julie, Adrian, Spinndrift and family,Disski, Sheskis, Northeasterner, Ryan, and saw MTT, but mostly just the tail of his skis as he hucked Empire cornice... and some more Bears I'm not sure who all. Run of the day- Grizzly bumps (fluffy) on to Perserverence under the Sultin chair. Really great snow you could set an edge in and just rail. A nice relaxed latte day, as it should be at Deer Vally (unless there's fresh powder...)

We had a storm that night and into the next day that dropped 8 inches or more on the PC resorts- 13" at Alta. I took the day off with family and the Bears skied the Canyons. The reports I got from PCMR were sick.

Next day , PCMR. It was really a lot of fun- We cruised these flat little groomers all day(not really). Ran around with Sheskis,Spindrift,Northeasterner, Julie, Adrian, Mtt, DC, Terry the Monoboarder, and that nice guy with the mustache. I traded my Dynastar 8800's with MTT's Pro's for two runs and they blew my mind. Thanks for sharing them..I was warned away from demoing these by a shop guy but all I can say is that every decent skier should ski a ski of this caliber just to see what a truly great ski feels like. I gave 'em back before we got into the bumps... After a few warm ups, we went straight out to Jupiter bowl. I played guide a bit and Ant brought up the rear to police up yard sales. I entertained with the only yard sale-a nice double ejection down Jupiter's main Bowl- in really nice knee deep powder, if a bit cut up. What a waste... Julie did a good endo in the deep stuff on Puma- where you do a full forward summersault and land on your skis...
The Cornice on Scott's is bigger than it looks- but not real big as cornices go- about 8 or10' and it usually has three feet of fluff under it. Not today-it was scraped bare by the wind so there was a hard landing. But right below it the pow was still pretty great even the second day after the storm. For some bears this was a first cornice hop-so we all got a big kick out of it. Terry dropped in first on his monoboard-I got the order wrong on the pics. Well, actually I guess I went first as cameraman. MTT just aired it which is really funny considering the deep pow that wasn't there.... He and Dc split off and yo-yoed the powder in Main Bowl. The rest of us messed around on West Face, Main bowl and Scott's- Then four of us, Sheskis, Spindrift, Julie and I, took the Ho-Chi Minh trail, went through the Pearly Gates,(you gotta love these names...) hiked up to High West Road and dropped in to Puma Bowl. Sheskies wanted to hike the summit, but we were getting pretty hungry and there was this little matter of catching a plane... Puma bowl was just fantastic. Then we broke for lunch. I really enjoyed meeting everyone- and please do drop a line when you're in PC again! As you can see from the pictures, everyone was skiing well and having a blast. Good company, good skiing.Good fun.
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We got into Salt Lake early and skied Deer Valley Saturday starting at about 10:30. We were skunked. We didn't see even one Bear all day and we skied the entire mountain. Without cell contact info I doubt I would take the time to do a gathering again. This one worked for Deer Valley only because of the Quick Start program that is offered by the Park City Chamber of Commerce. And even then I couldn't scrape up a Bear to save my life. I am terrible at this meet on the hill stuff.

With snow falling over on the Salt Lake side we spent the next 4 days skiing Alta x 2 and Solitude x 2. Solitude is a strange place; even after the weather warmed and 3 days went by from the last storm I was still finding some short pow shots in the trees up on Summit. Alta and Solitude have become my favorite ski areas.

I hope you all have fun in Tahoe but I will be skiing either BCC or LCC depending on snow and number of skiers expected at Alta.


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from the DV valet area, looking torwards park city, after having taken care of some amount of beer with Del and Powdigger.

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Is that what it looked like!
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These are the trip reports I remember. Those other ones are about another gathering, I think, as I don't know any of the people in them. ditto that film thing although the music was good.
That PCMR day was really nice, really mellow and enjoyable and Terry forgave Mr Crab for the Ho Chi Min trail (not a good thing for a boarder: a traverse with trees and whoop-dee-doos).
Shame we couldn't see Snowbasin until the end of the day.
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I had a good time

I want to thank all who I came in contact with during the PC gathering. I did have a bit of trouble finding and staying with any kind of group most of the time (Oh well). However, ANT Spindrift Mr Crab, WFTH, RYAN, Powdigger, WFTH And especially (Mr Sheskis) get special thanks for going that extra mile to make all around them feel comfortable and welcome.

I blew of some of the after hours activities, and showed up late for the first two days of skiing.

DeerValley, It’s ok. I ended up doing many laps under the Empire Chair, I kicked around a good part of the mountain but found this to my liking. I took one shot @ Daily Chutes but was hiking into a 60MPH head wind so I opted for some broken POW in trees just short of the actual chutes.

I ran into Disski, Ryan, Julie from NZ and others by calling out EPIC SKI at the bottom of empire lift, We rode up made introductions and then I skied off into a white out, never to be seen again?

Canyons (My PC) Favorite. Well it was a powder day! I again was late to arrive. I skied Peak 5 right under the chair and nearby trees, then moved to Tombstone, I did laps all afternoon under the Tombstone chair. I know I was seen by other bears, I know I saw other bears? But despite randomly calling out EPIC SKI no hookup was made. Still a great day @ the Canyons. About 3:45 I threw in the towel and headed daon to the slopside bar. I Ran into Disski who then found WFTH etal, we stat down to beers and wings (Good Company) Thank you!

I had every intention of attending the Super Bowl Party @ Spindrifts pad, but an extended Nap shut that down. I slept through the second half of the game.

Then came Monday, I was well rested, it was a clear blue bird day @ PCMR. I arrived to find a good sized crowd waiting right where they said they would be. We had a very good guide in Mr. Crab and ANT. They started on some very nice groomed runs (I could have lapped that stuff till the Patrol yanked my pass) It was dry and SMOOOVE. =FAST
Just as I was getting my adrenaline level up for some bomb runs we head down Thames and onto Jupiter chair. OK Jupiter, I spend half my PC time here, but every one here? Ladies and gentlemen want to do Jupiter? OK

Well to my very pleasant surprise all were right @ home in Jupiter terrain

We kind of split apart into a couple smaller groups but it was nice knowing that comrades’ in arms were near by and enjoying the day just as much as I.

Others have filled in the blanks on the run by run, but suffice it to say, I spent a great day and evening with a new group of peers who might just love all things (Skiing) as much as I do.

I cannot wait to do it again. To all you Norcal NV Bears we need to make more of an effort to get together and ski here around Tahoe. I for one am now ready to make the effort.

Maggots or Bears, We all love to ski, its all good.
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I was at the Gathering only for days 2 and 3. Although I didn't get to take any action shots, here are a few pics...

At Deer Valley, youngest son of spindrift, lisamarie, markXS, julie_from_nz, mr.crab, disski, northeasterner, dc, sheskis



Twins separated at birth. Mr. B & spindrift...
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me, WTFH (and some guy named smith) @ DV.

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A few shots from Deer Valley

Ruth doing the tele thing

Cloudpeak and northeasterner in a little flat stretch of Sunset Glades

Cloudpeak and the kid in Sunset Glades
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The Canyons on Sunday

I think that's Steve in the Pines

Ski-3PO in the Pines

northeasterner heading for the pines in the Pines

Alias Smith. Or is it Jones? On 94 Turns.

Julie on 94 Turns.

Ski-3PO on 94 turns.

Are you tired of 94 Turns yet? The kid... Guess where?

If you go down in the woods today, you'd better not go alone... A few shots of Ski-3PO and northeasterner in the woods...

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A day at PCMR

Steve in Jupiter Bowl

Someone in Jupiter Bowl

Hiking to Scott's Bowl

Mr. Crab and northeasterner waiting for someone or other to drop in...

northeasterner hanging out in Scott's Bowl

Adrian and Terry the Boarder hanging out in Scott's Bowl

sheskis in Scott's Bowl
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sheskis and Julie go shopping...

...for Powder in Puma Bowl



Inspecting the goods...

sheskis likes them!

and so does Julie!

(thanks to Mr. Crab for taking us over there...)
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Thanks for taking and posting those pics spindrift. Now I really wish I could have stayed around 1 more day for PCMR!
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nice shots- what a day.
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Very nice pic's Spindrift. That was a beautifull day up high @ PCMR
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Ooo, shopping!

What a good idea!

Thanks everyone for posting such great pics! We really did have a great time!
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Nice Pics, Not that we need it, but it is nice to have visual proof that the Epic Babes Rock!
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