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Pow Ski for Me

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skier: 5'10 165lb 23yo
ability: lvl 8
ski days per year: 45ish in Colorado

First off I should say I absolutely love my 176 Head Mojo 90's but I want something a little better and pow specific, although I would stil like for the ski to have decent groomer capability, and enough manueverability for trees and small bumps. Sometimes Im very curious what a 186 Mojo would feel like since I find it super easy to handle the 176 everywhere on the mountain, especially in bumps and skiing fast. I would like a ski thats fairly stiff with a soft shovel (kinda like an explosiv?), 100-125mm underfoot, and a fairly small sidecut (22-25m?). Also I really lovel the liveliness and torsional stiffness of my Head skis, so Im hesitant about Rossi or Solly's offerings.

The skis I have been considering thus far are;

176 Gotama (would the 183 be too long?)
175 Sumo (125mm unnecessary and unmanageable on nonpow?)
183 Supermojo or Monster103 (are these too much ski for me?)
179 Seth Vicious, Cheif or MadenAK
179 PMGear Bro (Stiff)

Any other suggestions?

Am I overdoing this, and all I need is a 177 mantra?
Im just having trouble in my head justifying the mantra which is only 5ish mm wider in all places than my Mojo90.

Anyway, thanks in advance.
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179 bro is all you need.
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177 cm Explosiv
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Originally Posted by stephenc
177 cm Explosiv
u mean mantra... and in a 184cm

i rock the 177 and im 30 lbs lighter and 3 inches shorter and its wicked. though its not as fat as he seems to want underfoot
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Go for Got

me: 6'2, 210 25
100is days in colorado
Currently riding 186 Mad Trix Mojo's (last year's Mojo 90) and 190 Gotama.

Definitly go with the Gotama, AT LEAST 183. Thing skis short anyway, might want to go with the 190. If they made a bigger Gotama (say 197) I would be on it, so you should give the 190 a decent look.
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Thanks for the info everyone.
When buying my Mojo90's they were in direct competition for me with the Mantra and Kehua, and I still think I got the best of the bunch for what I wanted. Im hesitant about the mantra cause for the slight improvement in the pow I dont think I would have a better or different enough ski.

As for the gotama, I think I was always leaning toward a 183 but was concerned about its softness. Of course this is a pow ski so I am not expect a race ski stiffness, but have heard from a few folks around here that they dont like the gotama as much as they could because its a tad soft. Of course all those guys weigh 30-50lbs more than I so that may be an explanation.

I think right now for me its between a 183 Goat or 179 Bro.
Anymore thoughts about the 179 Bros? Soft vs Stiff?
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I say go 179 Stiff if it's an every day, all around board. The stiffer ski will make up for the shorter length, IMO.
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found it

So I bought some 180 explosivs.
Granted I went completely against the 179 stiff bro advice, but I got a sweet deal on hardly used (10 days) exploders.

we shall see how I like them
review to come sometime in the near future
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