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Does anybody do this?

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I have read here that some guys wax and scrape more then one time between skiing. Have you found that it is any benifit? I hot waxed last night but didn't scrape. This morning I ran a hot iron back over them, let them cool for about an hour and then did it again before scraping and brushing. Would this have them same effect as waxing and scraping each time? Anybody else tried this? There seemed to be less wax on the bases each time.
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I think so , I do that a lot too. My coach told me that this is actually better than scraping after every couple passes. It takes longer but the results are better. Leaving the ski overnight lets the wax soak in a lot more , and then the fresh pass in the morning definatly doesnt hurt. I get good results from it and i've been doin' it for a year or two.
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