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Up for sale is one pair of this year's Tenica Diablo Magnesium with Hot-Form in a 27.5. The boots come in the original box with all original accessories. They have been skied a total of 15 times. They have been hot-formed 3 times, but will instantly hot-form back out to factory-fresh fit when plugged in again. They had heel punches and a 6th-toe punch, all of which have been removed to restore original fit. The only punches that remain are slight toe-box increases to create more room for an average-width foot. There is a slight bit of grinding in the heel, but still plenty of shell remains there. The second rivet bolts have been installed in both boots for increased stiffness and can be taken out or left in, per the skier's preference.

My tentative selling price is $250. This is a great way to own a practically-new pair of boots for 1/3 the retail price.

Please reply/PM if you're interested. I can send pictures, explain more about the boots, etc. if desired.