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Penguin batting practice

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FYI -- has sound effects, so if you're at work, turn the volume down... Of course, I know none of you would be goofing off during work hours. Enjoy.

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My best was 321. Done by skipping him off the snow a few times.

What's next a seal cub clubbing contest?
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Great Fun, 319.9 only :-(
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316.7 here. I'll be back!
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Originally Posted by sudovec
Great Fun, 319.9 only :-(
And now - 321.1!
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What's your longest "nose to snow"? Mine was 207.
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Skipped to 315.7 nosed in at 205.

Had minimized this penguin window and while waiting for a download I went back to it. Would you believe 321.0 with a very skippy stuttering display???
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Just noticed this. Look where the flag is planted when you miss the little sucker or you get a "fly ball". : OUCH!
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Nosed in at 207.6, skipped to 323.3
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Infernal game!!!!:

207.4, 323.4
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Nose=207.6 Long=276.4....I have never been a "long driver"
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