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Are PRIVATE Messages.

Please leave keep them just that PRIVATE.

If you have a beef with someone sending you a private message that you feel violates the T's and C's of the forum, you can forward it to me but Private messages are meant to be private. I am often copied on moderation PM's and unless I disagree with them I don't generally get involved.

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that'd be me.
keeping the record straight, however, I posted a bit of the text of a PM I received, WITHOUT IDing the sender, to get an opinion form the forum members if what the sender poses was a viable concern.
I had posted something in the MA threads, refrring to mMA as movement ANALysis, having Pun with the anal retentive nature of the concept. a lighthearted pun, nothing more. I like levity. a sprofessional instructors, we ALL need to learn to laugh at ourselves more...it only improves our empathic response with our pupils.
anyway- a member sent me an email asking me to remove this post. I decided to ask the membership here, being that I'm a newbie, if it was truly that offensive. (How thin-skinned have we all become? holy sh*T!!!!)
anyway- that's all I posted here. no ID of the sender, NOT the netire PM, just a sentence or two.
so, "aside from all that, mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?"

Vlad the "laughter-is-the-best-medicine" proponent
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To add to this conversation, laughter is a key to learning; it opens us up.

However, the medium of text and the Internet can mask meaning. Is it sarcastic? Ironic? Cruel? Or just a bit of levity? Often, it's not clear. Also, the "humor" is sometimes an excuse to be nasty and opinionated and then simply claim (as my 4 year old does), "I was just jokin'!" Also, just as in "real life" there are times and places for humor and times and places where it doesn't belong.

I am making no judgement about the particular post in question (I personally felt it served to derail a thread that had a very tightly-specified purpose, but I was willing to be wrong about that). However, I would like to suggest that we all consider that not everyone wants every thread and subject to be derailed by a side (or snide!) comment. Something to consider when we post, I think.

(For the record, I'm aware that I do this probably more than most. I'm working on that...)
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One of the things I like about ssh is that, while he tries to be righteous - as shouldn't we all - it's clear and refreshing that he's occcasionally self deprecating and not at all SELF righteous.
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