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GS skis carving and bodycarving

Me carving it on 182cm long Blizzard GS skis in Alta Badia, Italy, Feb. 2006


Me bodycarving on the red "Trepalle II" piste in Livigno, Italy, March 2004

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Hello from Greece,

waiting for the snow, let me share with you a video of my good friend John, a brave monoskier:

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Cliffs and Park....no real skiing...sorry
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More from the local bump.

Taken during our weekly Masters race night.

I have zero race experiance and last year was my first time ever through gates.

Hopefully as time goes on I will get better and faster.

We have a race Jan 25 and I am hoping to get some video of that event as well. Also some SL video to come in the next few weeks.

Click here to watch Masters-race-training-Rabitt-Hill-
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me off of Big Jim's @ Kirkwood, CA

definition of a hot tub landing
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1st Video

2/24/2008 Wintergreen Virginia
Slope: Upper Cliff hanger
Pitch: 23 Degrees
Conditions: Slushy

Short video shot by my son.
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This is posted elsewhere on Epic too.
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I've been away a while, in that time I've managed a measly one video of my skiing. Here it is.

skisimon skiing
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Here's a fun one, the speed came from the 15 foot long straightline entrance at the top, then my line closed out......:.....just like it did when I skied it 15 minutes before! I guess it was beer induced ADD!

I'm in red.

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my son and me skiing

He just turned 5 in March. I am a beginner/intermediate, will take any advice or constructive suggestions on improvement..i know i have to bend more, creaky knees are getting some workout..have to find a way to keep up with him, i already cannot since he was on all the black diamonds at sunshine, i did a couple with my pal adrian riding shotgun...like groomed trails myself, son loves the bumps and the jumps and the trees, he is too small to do delirium dive and heavy powder, not enough mass to punch through it..

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Some of my last season skiing. Mostly Mammoth mtn.


Skis: Fischer RC4 WC SL 165cm, Head Monster 82 172cm, G3 Baron 170cm
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This thread has been running for almost three years. Many of the links are no longer functional. I am going to unstick this thread, but leave it available for those who want to reference it. If a new video thread is desirable, I'll be glad to stick it. Since no comments were allowed in this thread, I think any future version of this, it would be nice to index the threads where video feedback was given.
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Good desision Cirquerider. BTW, wasnt this thread ment as ref for others to see how they guys giving MA ski themselves?
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That was one of the objectives listed by Greg in the first post. I think a lot of people would prefer to just post their video for the stoke value. At least half of the videos were just that. Many posts commenting and complimenting videos posted here were moderated out of the conversation, and that's too bad. Since the thread has run its course, I'll have to consider bringing those back. I missed a lot of these because there just wasn't much said about them. Like NassosGR
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Thats awsome skiing. I think people here really have no clue to that kind of skiing so that might be a reason for little or no comments. I myself was fortunate to watch the Austrian disabled championships in Warth last year and that puts us all to shame. The devotion, skill and effort these guys show for the sport is incredible.
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