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Well, how about this? AE carving on the groom at Heavenly 2 years ago. Great skiing, nice scenery and Skynard. 3-minutes of some of the best RR turns before the host truncates the file. BTW, AE will tell you he corrected the wide hands, and he is right...but this is still great skiing mostly with Cirquerider chasing and filming.

Small file: Play Video
Large 19 MB Play Full Feature
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Originally Posted by Cirquerider
Thanks Ryan. The full length version is now hosted here and is much less compressed 19 MB download WMV file. this is a much better version to watch.

Play Full Feature

Edit: Ryan's comment disappeared, but it looked like he approved.
i guess "nice video" is copyrighted.

same idea as cirque's but slow, slow, slow, at mammoth. milesb w/the camera.

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Skiing at Lake Louise


Here's a couple of runs from Men's Downhill at Lake Louise.
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Here is my buddy and I racing Nastar at Jackson Hole. (it was a non-powder day, so cut me some slack)

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"Anti-ripping" on a beautiful day at Mammoth. The snow was every bit as sweet as it looks. Shot by Ryan.
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Got me looking, found some 01 footage

Well it ain't recent, that's for sure. But here are some easy turns on a particularly nice carving surface back in 2001. Maybe it's time to take some new footage...

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Okay, I'll put one up. I'm the guy in the red jacket with white trim. This was from Jan. 2005 in some cut-up powder in the afternoon.

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My 12 year old after 8 weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lB4nTBmsjc
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More counter... no way!

Here is video of a coaching session that an Eastern D team member was working on with me. I put this video up because it is my skiing under the coaching of a PSIA D Team member helping me work on MORE COUNTER on my right turn. This is in direct opposition to all of the comments that PSIA is only interested in square to the skis two footed skiing. Later in the day I backed the amount of counter down with good results. http://media.putfile.com/right-turn-counter-80
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Me two years ago

This was two years ago. Trip in three weeks time and getting very excited.

HTML Code:

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K, here's one from another thread - just a few days ago. This is last run at Sunapee, about 3:45 pm in heavily skied up crud - about 45 deg. f - first day of the season. Yeah, I'm old, and yup legs were feeling it but the skidders had all gone home long since completely burnt out. Freshish manmade snow that hadn't frozen for over 48 hours - Nice way to start the season!

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Drove 14 hours in a winter storm to catch 30 cm of fresh. Buddy phoned me at 7:10 pm and said "Southern Alberta is under a heavy snow fall warning" at 8:00 PM we were driving away to Pincher Creek, Alberta. We got there at 1 AM.

We skied for the day and drove back home. Left at 4:30 PM and got home at midnight.

Damn I love winter storms
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As I am no pro at making movies I goofed on my Castle Moutain clip above. I left out a couple of clips. All fixed and up for viewing pleasure.

Previous link will not work in a few days.

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Jan 10, 2007 in Breckenridge

Breck has been very good lately. My wife took these videos of me. Cucumber Bowl, Horseshoe Bowl, and Moguls.


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Powder Bumps

Well, a couple of inches of new snow anyway over a very
solid foundation.
Filmed on Skidder at Sugarloaf on MLK day (15 Jan 2007).


They were nice round, evenly spaced bumps.
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Val Thorens France and indoorskiing in Landgraaf The Netherlands

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Here's a clip of me at Breck from yesterday... This was one of the bowls to skier's right of peak 8 (accessible via the hike up above the imperial chair). The surface was all wind-blown, either decent drifts or grippy hardpack. The slope is somewhat steep, probably between 35-40 degrees - it's not as steep as the Y-chute area, or horseshoe bowl, but does have some pitch to it. I'd offer it up for MA, but there really isn't much there, and the resolution is pretty wretched. yeah, yeah, less up-unweighting, etc... it was only my 5th day of the year now that I'm stuck in Philly. Throw me a bone here

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Here's a shaky 4 second video of me in Jay skiing.


I've got some telemark videos somewhere, I'll post them when I find them.
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As mentionned, here is the best tele vid I could find:

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Phil, those are some fantastic tele turns.

Here's some footage of me at Jay Peak on the 31st of December. I forget the name of the run (skiers left of the triple chair) but it's reasonably steep and was SOLID ice the day we were there.

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I posted some of these in another thread, so I hope its okay to post them here as well. Here is a set of videos from yesterday (fate granted me a camera and a camerman).

as close to powder as we could find:
(please ignore my cousin for the first 30 secs!)

a bit further down in the bowl

doing some GS turns

doing some short radius turns

any and all comments would be very much welcome. I know I'm having difficulties, but am really struggling with pinpointing *what* I'm doing wrong. Thanks!
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Aspen last 2 weeks

Various clips around the mountain. Bumps, flats Nastar, etc. Check out that 9 yr old chasing me down the bumps!

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2006 Race...

Race from last year. Tough conditions. Many DNFs.

Here is me...

Here are some of the DNFs!

And a night run down the course.
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Mine has been "here" since a long time ago, so I'll just add the link to the post...
Wasn't it so that a video repository was going to be organized?
I've lost track of many things that were going on here, so please, bear with me...
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here's one from a year and a half ago. Myself and a bunch of TGR maggots.

I'm at 0:41, 1:03, 1:45, and 2:10. The rest of the guys are Hop, Kush, and AKA from TGR.

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Here's a short video of me skiing at Cannon in February. Beautiful hero courdoroy.


There's some older video of me (but mixed in with other skiers) if you just go to http://home.mindspring.com/~swass/movies/ and select the older movies.
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just found this one on an old computer I was about to throw out. friend of mine compiled this random Kirkwood footage of my skiing just before I was about to get ACL reconstruction surgery in November '04. The last shots are from October '04 with a blown ACL on an early season day I was able to sneak in before surgery. The rest of the shots are from 2002 - 2003 i think.

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Short Turn Struggle

Here's some video of me from the tail end of last season. There's some bumps, some medium radius and some short radius included.


I was having some fun with the source of the turning effort in the GS turns - more from the hips / quads than steering with the feet. I just couldn't translate that into shorter radius turns without getting too far inside and loosing a little grip with the outside ski - especially when turning to the left. Something to work on this season.

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