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Post Videos of Your Skiing for analysis threads

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I decided that since in recent months we have been posting a lot of video here on EpicSki it would be a good idea to start a thread that allowed members to post video of them skiing. This will allow for wonderful references in the analysis threads and the ability to see "who" is giving advice in the advice threads. We have so much video of members that this seems like a good place to compile it all; separate of course from the EpicSki video library that dchan is working on.

1) This thread WILL NOT be used for comments (good/bad) or movement analysis. This thread will contain only posts which include video links.

2) Respect those who post video. It takes a lot of guts to post your skiing publicly to a community who might never see you ski otherwise, so please respect those who do post their skiing by not commenting in any way unless it is positive, or the member requests an MA in a separate thread.

3) Any threads discussing the video should only be started by the member who posted the video originally unless they note otherwise in their post that it can be used as reference or for MA by other members (the respect thing again).

4) Do not post skiing that is not your own.

5) Do not post the skiing of another member.

This should be enough guidelines to get us started. Any posts that are not in compliance may be removed by admin, but I would ask that members are responsible and respectful of your fellow skiers here so this issue does not arrise. I encourage all skiers who have video of them skiing to add it to this thread whether you feel it is good or bad. Also, feel free to update your footage as you feel it is necessary.

Thank you in advance to those who post their skiing.


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HeluvaSkier Carving

[This is me leading by example]

Instead of linking a bunch of clips I decided to link to my Putfile Media Page. All of the same clips can also be found on my Youtube page.



EDIT: I forgot to add this. Feel free to use my videos for MA, or in threads, or to just tear apart in general. If they can be of any help to those out there go for it!
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Short clip today of where I like to be the most.
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Race Course Waist Steering

I posted these in the Waist Steering Revisited
thread, but here are videos of Gary and me
in the NASTAR course at Park City Mountain.
The files were compressed for broadband, so
I apologize if these are too big for you.


http://www.wildutah.net/tommy4.mov (my best run of the day)

The snow and the format always dictate the turns
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This is me skiing 3 top to bottom (all so called 300 vertical ft.) runs on the front side at Mad River Mountain in Bellefountaine OH. (Back bowls were closed) I'm not trying to do anything in particular, just skiing down the hill making a variety of turns.

Click here to watch SrMike(2Mb)

Apologies in advance for the poor video quality. This was the first time we tried this. The freeze frames are all blured. This was a real low budget operation. In the future a camera upgrade might be in order. Have fun.
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Jay Peak- Beyond Beaver Pond


Hidden Valley - Pa some shitty short turns and ok GS turns


Mad River Glen - Fall-Dise into paradise(first 3 clips are of me)

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me in some crud..

If you were at ESA think about how heavy the snow was on day 3.

Then think steep/chopped up... That's what this was..

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shmedium open parallel turns

and some shmedium radius open parallel turns on a moderate pitch.

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From a few years ago. The skiing is not very good, but I took an unusual line through these small bumps that some may find interesting.
http://media.putfile.com/nutty-line-wmv . Do whatever you want with it.
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From 03' at SL practice with my Technica/Rossi combo.*I miss it sometimes*
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I'll lay mine down for critisism again

Assorted clips of last year, sorry some of my bud at the end in blue and black.

Taken Nov 25 at Marmot Basin. Thanks to great input from here when I originally posted it. I am happy to say my skiing is much better now than then.

Xmas 2005 at Panorama. I think the video shows some improvement over the NOV 25 skiing. Again some good input from folks here went to good use.

Not the highest level skiing I know but maybe it will be of use to use as an eg. of not so perfect skiing.

Thanks must be given to www.putfile.com for hosting the vid.
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Flat hill, soft snow, low power turns. Looking for a better sequence.
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tomb skiing video

So here is some video of my skiing. I apologize for the poor video, but it is done with a simple digital cam with no zoom during video.

Here are some slow turns on a steeper slope.


Here is "just plain skiing" turns.

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Vail 3/2006

Badly tuned 172 metron b5's, Nordica Dobie 150s.

Consistent hardpack. The goal was sl-ish turns.

http://nnskiing.org/Arc-y Sparky.avi
http://nnskiing.org/Arc-y Sparky Slomo.wmv

http://nnskiing.org/Arc2 slomo.wmv
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Here's my bump skiing video that I posted for analysis earlier this season: http://media.putfile.com/mogul-skiing (I had wanted to get some new and improved video to post here, but I don't think I'll be able to get my videographer (my wife) out on the slopes again this year).
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Bumps video

A radical culmination of snow, sticking the bumps, sun, and fun, all wrapped with a kick-axe soundtrack and skilled camera action. Features Snowshoe VT, Rio Doso NM, Squaw Valley, and Grey Rocks Canada. (23mB)

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These are just a few clips for fun from my recent vacation to Utah. The Alta clip is the bowl to the left of gunsight (High Greely?), and the Snowbird clip is off the very end of the Cirque to the skier's right (right under the tram), called P-tex Point by the locals because you can only get in by jumping over rocks or side stepping them... and apparently people leave a lot of P-tex there.

Powder/crud Skiing at Alta

Powder Skiing at Snowbird


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This is a test to see if I could get my Putfile to work


....seems to work, but takes a while to load. it's about 18MB
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This was my video analysis done January 2006 at 7 Springs. Blue terrain, medium radius turns at first then short radius below. The slow mo's have an overlay of 2 different L3's skiing the same task, same terrain that morning for me to compare to. The L3 that is overlayed on my short radius turns is the one I most often try to emulate. I really like how smooth he skis. Conditions were my least favorite...corn on glass. Great day to see my flaws and how defensive I ski on that snow. I feel the worst on these conditions. Gave me lots to work on the rest of the season.

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Lazy Turns in Spring Corn


After it plays through once, select Wide from the size pulldown for the clearest version.
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2006 was a pretty poor snow year for us hence not much video of any substance.

Here is just a assembly of clips from the year. Not the best stuff but it does show a slight improvement from my other video's of the year and previous. Feel free to nit pick and comment, every bit helps.

Thanks go to www.putfile.com for their excellent free hosting service.

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After working most of this ski season on improving my skill level I had a friend video a few turns this week. What a let down. My skiing screams GAPER. Oh well I'll just keep butting my head against the wall. My someday I will improve to a acceptable level.

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Im somewhat hesitant to post this because it makes me look like a wanker... what you have to understand is that the day before it was 7 degrees and rainning and that morning was -15... now I never EVER saw a race course so icy. There was a bubble of ice (You know like the ones the snowguns make when they break) about 15 feet long and 25 feet wide. They had to set straight gates because noone would have made it through. Here it is.

Click here to watch Crabbe-ICE-Slalom-uugh
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I've been lurking for a couple of months .. Great site!
Here's some Not very good GS skiing from a couple of years ago. Feel free to blow it apart.
Been skiing for 35+ years .. ex dogger .. ex instructor .. current beer league racer / Free skier .. was PSIA Associate Certified in 81 or 82, whichever was the first year they had such a thing. Taught full time for 3 years then gave it up for a paying Job.


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For those summertime blues. 15 Megs
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