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Review: Ripstick vs. Allstar

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I've enjoyed learning from others on this site, so I figured I should share my recent demo experience.
skier: 6' 3" 205 lbs, fortysomething
ability: advanced
ski days per year: 30+ in Utah
conditions: 4-5" powder tracked out early, packed powder every where else at Deer Valley

I've been looking for an upper end, but not quite GS race ski for a while and thought I had locked in on the Volkl Superspeed 182. My favorite terrain is wide open groomed steeps that are great for wide arcing, high speed turns with occasional trips to the local Nastar course. For powder days, I plan to acquire a mid-fat at some point - it's time to break out of the one-ski quiver for me!

I wanted to try it again the Superspeed this past weekend, but it wasn't available. Instead, the shop recommended the Elan Ripstick 178cm - a ski not mentioned much on this forum. To contrast the Elan, the shop suggested the Volkl Allstar in 175cm.

Some impressions:
Elan Ripstick 178cm: Let's just say this ski is appropriately named. The Ripstick was quick to edge at turn initiation, provided a rock solid platform through the arc, and was very quick transitioning to the next turn. It felt extremely stable at speed on the groomers, easily performing within my skill range. The Ripstick was also adept off piste in chopped up powder - some spots reaching boot deep level. It plowed through with ease. Can you tell that I really liked this one?

Volkl Allstar 175cm: The Allstar is a very stable, rock solid ski at speed that seems very capable of handling high performance duties, though it took me a couple runs to get use to this ski and find the sweet spot for initiating and holding a strong carved turn. This is also the shortest ski I've been on - still working my way down from the 203cm days.

Summary: The Ripstick seemed tailor made for me, it was a thrill to ride and will definitely be added to my collection in the near future. The Allstar is a fine ski, but was a little more difficult to operate for me.

Tip it, Grip it, and Rip it
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Thanks for the review. I loved the Ripstick when I demoed it but didn't do a direct A/B comparison like this so it's nice to get the additional perspective.
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Try the Allstar in a 168 and get back to me....
I am working my way down from 208's.....and the 168 ski's huge.

Good post!
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Ditto the 168 comment...I had last years 5-Star in a 182, and even for my 6'1" 200 lb. frame, it wasn't the right length. For me, the 168 Allstar is by far the best one-ski quiver I've tried.

That said, i've heard good things about the Ripstick and would like to know what others think, especially re: tight radius turns in the fall line.
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Dawgcathcing got me my ripsticks half off!!!!!
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I tried the Ripstick @178. I weigh 250.

For me, it was not good for anything other than slow crusing down the greens. Tips felt like they'd fold up under me when pressured. It only had the one layer of titanium. Obviously, I'd need two. It's not for me.
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