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some 07 skis review

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hi all,

I had the chance to testski some of the 07 models, here are my impressions i'd like to share, let me know if you have any experiences on the tested models.

ATOMIC Izor 9.7
comfortable, smooth, not very lively, shovel grip not to enourmous, need some attention

ELAN Speedwave
nice new look, skis like a race ski, quite stiff in binding zone, didn't feel any "superior" flex or whatever, typically Elan experience, nice ski to go quick, quite similar to GSX

SALOMON Streetracer 10
slalom-carver type ski, very quick and agile, wouldn't recommend for comfort/allround use; compare it to a ATO ST12 or a Fischer RX8 or an Elan SL, need a lot of attention since it has a tendency to get nervous

ROXY dont know the name is a ROSSI Passion model with textile design
extremely comfortable ski, one of the smoothest skis I ever tested, extremely easy to ski, great ski for everyday slidin around, effortless skiing, great for ladys, on my feet the design gave me a little faint feeling, though, I must admit

FISCHER Worldcup SC Flowflex
best ski I ever skied, I never experienced such a combination of smoothness and rebound on a ski before; this aluminium mechanical plate really works, I'm not sure whether its only this or also the ski, but if its due to the plate other companies will have to follow, no other race/cross ski (Atos, Völkls, Rossis, Elans) can anyhow match this experience

extremely well behaving ski for that price, seems to be one of the only companies producing a sw/laminate ski for the entry level skis, very sporty, maybe too much of a race-oriented ski for that kind of audience, but if you look for a low budget alternative on any cross/race/east on-piste ski, go for this ski

great look, no good feel, the alu plate or the construction stiffens the ski extremely under the foot, so tip&tail feel quite nervous and loose, needs some attention, wouldn't recommend


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interesting, but "fashion" equipment is really more a Paula's Ski Lovers thing. thanks for telling us what's new in the frills and lace department.
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thank you

thanks for your input. my knee is wrecked at the moment and doesn't allow for serious skiing, so i took the chance to ski the easy stuff.

: dont eat yellow snow
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what is "Roxy" anyway? girl/woman ski and snowboard clothing or something?
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Roxy is one of the bigger brands of Quiksilver, Inc., the company that bought Rossignol recently. Quiksilver, as you probably know, started in and is expanding from the surf/boardriding/associated lifestyle world.

The Roxy brand has hitherto been primarily attached to (I think) surf-esque clothes and stuff for young girls.

The Roxy ski line appears to have been created by slapping graphics onto some girls' and women's Dynastar (Rossignol?) models.

Whether this means Lindsey Kildow will soon be skiing on polka dot skis, I couldn't say.
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when looking at the skis, it seemed like a mix of dynastar & rossi models to me.

dyns: troublmaker, some "exclusive" model (8,9,10?)
rossi: passion and zenith shapes

business is run via dynastar, the rep told me.

i dont like the skis, but they make great looking boots (langes)
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I didn't get quite the impression you did of Izor.

I posted some comments here. Of course, that was this year's one. Has there been quite a change in it, then?

One thing I left out of that was that the ski didn't really need rebound as it felt as nothing to initiate to the other side.
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more izor

i should add that the ski had excellent edge grip, althoug conditions were hard&icy.

what I did'nt like, was that the ski was not lively at all and boring under the foot.

dont know why, the ski is unchanged to last years, maybe it was a finishing thing or they somehow altered flex.

i agree that it is a easy carver, not for higher speed or race ambitions.
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