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Where would YOU go?

Poll Results: Wheres the best for low crowds?

  • 14% (3)
    Arapahoe Basin
  • 19% (4)
  • 9% (2)
  • 19% (4)
  • 9% (2)
    Jackson Hole
  • 14% (3)
    Briger Bowl
  • 4% (1)
    Mt. Bachelor
  • 4% (1)
    Park City
  • 0% (0)
  • 4% (1)
    Other and tell why
21 Total Votes  
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What is the best place for low crowds. Im thinking Snowbasin. But im not sure about crowds. Vote for your favorite place that HAS THE LOWEST CROWDS. Thx
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Go to Alta, i have never been but, sounds and looks insane. I think snowbirds the only really crowded one. One other thing, BRING ME! Uhh please.
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Montana Snowbowl. No lines on weekdays, and 12 miles away.
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hell- go to donner ski ranch and sugar bowl
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Go stay in Park City, your options are ridiculous if you go there. In town you have Canyons, Park City, and Deer Valley.... and you are not far at all from Alta, Solitude, and several other mountains..

If you go to Jackson Hole or the like, you are in a.... well... a hole. That's all you got.
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Grand Targhee is NEVER crowded AND the snow conditions typically blow away those at JH. Granted the terrain doesn't compare but it's still good and abundant freshies are available days after a storm with no work
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Dynamite Hill. Chestertown has an awsome soda fountain. Great eggcreames.
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You know-except for a few lifts within a few key ski resorts (vail, PC) I've never really felt 'crowded' at a western resort in the way most easterners think of crowded. The numbers and the spaces are just so vastly different.

I've skied snowbird on a powder saturday-initial line up at the tram was 'crowded' and hour later on the slopes I don't think anyone got within a hundred yards of me while skiing (unlike the Tokyo Subway-esque experience of saturday east coast skiing).

The runouts at Squaw Valley get crowded, but the meat of the runs off the kt-22 still feel great.

I guess what I'm sayiing is, for destination skiing go with snow first (i.e whistler is great--but last year you wouldn't have wanted to be there!), terrain second and don't sweat the 'crowds' at all--it's just not the same thing where the metro areas are smallere and the hills are so damn big!

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The locals might get mad at me, but if you want really uncrowded, try Montana. I've been to Big Sky a couple of times, and on what some were referring to as "the busiest day ever", there was hardly a lineup (with the exception of the tram). Moonlight Basin, right next door has even fewer people - when I was there last year it was rare that you didn't ski right onto the chair. I've heard similar things about Snowbasin, and also had good luck at Solitude the day after a storm.
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