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What a trip !!!! 50 odd inches before we arrived.
2/3 - 5 in of "reported" freshies in the morning. Was at the Tram at 830 in the morning - we were up on the 2nd tram. Rendezvous bowl, Biouvac, Alta chutes - had atleast 7-8in of fresh snow. unfortunately - the winds kicked up around noon and they shut down the tram, thunder and sublette -so there was a 30-40min line at the gondola. so called it quits around 2pm and hit Mangy.
2/4 - nothing fresh - hit GT. Beautiful mountain. great views. we felt the snow quality was great.

2/5 - 6 inches of fresh again. went to the tram at 830am - the line was at least 1.5 hours long. went to the gondola - 45 min long. so we hit Teewinot/Apres Vous. Saratoga bowl was heavenly - thigh deep in many places. went back up gondola, thunder (tower three chutes, Flip point) and sublette. Checked the tram line again at 1230pm - still an hour long. so never hit the tram today. quit early today to rent some Randonne equipment (from Teton Mountaineering ) before getting to Sidewinders for Superbowl. met a bunch really nice locals - who let us share their tables.

2/6 - monday - Backcountry Day. Bob P. - I had called Jim from Exum - but he was vacationing in Mexico. So we went with Rendezvous BC Guides. Great outfit. Met them at Teton Pass parking lot at 8am. Bright blue bird day. Skinned up and skied Fresh lines all day on Edelweiss Bowl. Beautiful.

What a trip.