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Have skied Park City a couple of times and have noticed that folks don't seem to use the lift ticket vending machines very much. I found them pretty handy.

I normally ski Crystal Mtn., WA on weekdays. But on the weekend the lift ticket lines are ridiculous and horrendous. They could use some of those machines.

When the upper mountain is closed, Crystal will sometimes give a ten dollar price break. So, last time at Park City, I bought my lift ticket from a machine. But when getting on the Payday lift, they announced that the Bonanza lift was closed to the upper mountain (it is still closed). So, I guess the disadvantage of the machine is that it won't tell you that half the mountain is effectively closed down and probably won't give any discount. I don't know if PC gave any discount, but they really should. Is there more work to do on those Vending Machines?

By the way, some pretty old folks had do be lowered by rope and harness from their lift chairs. They were given a couple of free lift ticket vouchers. They told me the hard part was hiking through the deep powder once they were on the ground. As of now, the Payday lift is still broke. They had to order a gearbox part from Europe. Of course they are not publicizing this very much. Recommend to go to Deer Valley or Canyons if headed there soon.