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Big Sky?

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How are the conditions in big sky? I had planned to travel up there upon leaving Utah, where I am now, but the snow report looks less than impressive, considering my alternative is going back home to Seattle and skiing crystal.
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Hi Chris,

Not sure which snow report you are looking at, but I think Big Sky is having one of their best years in a long while. They've got 100% of their terrain open, and if you read the "The way I ski it" you get the impression that the recent conditions are nice and soft. I know that info is put out by the marketing department - but they're not talking in the code of "conditions stink, but we're putting the best spin we can on them".

I think this winter is favoring that part of the Rockies - Jackson is also having a good year. Look at the photo of the day from 1/30, 31 and 2/1. Those look like good days to me! I admit some bias - was at Big Sky last February in the midst of a very low snow year and had a great time - we don't have that terrain in the east. I say go!
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Well, the snow report says there's 'only' an 86 inch base.
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Originally Posted by ChrisInSeattle
Well, the snow report says there's 'only' an 86 inch base.
You're talking about the Rockies here, not coastal mountains like the Cascades. I've got a friend that was telling me to come to Crested Butte because they were having the best season in 15 years. Base = 60". Meanwhile, it's been kinda a "bad" year here in the Sierras and the resorts are all over 100" base (at least up high).

Folks from Big Sky at ESA where saying the skiing has been incredible.
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Sounds like you have never been to Big Sky. If you haven't, I would say give it a try. You live in Seattle and can ski Crystal whenever you want so go for the new experience. Like always, weather can make or break a trip but with relatively good luck you should have a good experience.

Big Sky is not close to any major metropolitan areas so if you luck into powder it fresh lines should last a while.

Good Luck
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Skiing at Big Sky has been great. Unfortunately, it looks like we're enterring a long dry period so you probably won't get any powder. You'll still find lots of fun off-piste skiing and incredible wide-open empty groomers. If you're coming through on a Saturday or Sunday give me a couple days notice & I'll try to make it down to show you around.
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Conditions are great!

Hi Chris,
come on up to Big Sky. The runs of the Peak are 'wind groomed'. You can arc GS turns down a double black diamond. On the north facing side (towards Moonlight) are still powder runs available. On Thunderwolf chair lift (high speed) you can choose from nice groomers, powdery glade runs (black), long mogul runs (black), and cruddy blue runs!
Look me up at the ski school, if I have time, I'll take you for a quick run.

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Doh. I took off and drove back home to Seattle today. There was plenty of sunshine in the forecast, but no snow. And after ESA, I'm afraid I'm not so easily satisfied with merely a sunny day Just remember, the snow goes over Crystal before it gets to Big Sky!

Plus, I was homesick. And also, I had to set the TiVo to record the olympics.

Man, long drive home. 12 hours straight. Whew.
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Visiting Big Sky March 7-9

Hi Big Sky Skiers,

I'm visiting from Boston March 7-9, and would *love* to meet up with some local skiers who can show me your mountain! I'm a top skier, can ski it all well, and love powder, bumps, and steeps. Used to live out west, so I'm a well-experienced western skier. Would love to meet up with some locals and make turns and have a blast. Hope to hear from some of you!

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Mogulmeister -

Send a message to Little Bear to see if she can take some turns with you. Unfortunately, you will be here during the middle of the week and I probably can't break free to join you. If you do decide to do Bridger Bowl one day (home of the world's greatest mogul run - The North Bowl) I could join you for a morning.
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