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X-Wave 10 "Fast" v. "Free": Any difference?

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I've found the X-Wave 10 "Fast" boot in my size, but the shop doesn't have the X-Wave 10 "Free". The "Fast" is billed as more of an on-piste carver. The "Free" better in powder and off-piste. But, really, is there any significant difference in the fit or in how they ski? I notice that both have flex ratings of 110?

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From what I've been told the only difference is the footbed on the "Free" is softer. The "Fast" is an agressive fit, I know as I have these boots. I ski mostly off piste and it has been a great boot however be forewarned this is a very "close" fit boot and will most likely need to be custom fit.
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They are the same exact boot with 2 different names and 2 different colors. Salomon also did this with the crossmax 10 and the XWave 10 for many years.
I think the only difference there might be is in the stock footbed (the free's might be a little bit softer). *correct me if I am wrong*
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I'm looking into the X wave 10 fast, and i've heard that the free just has the bootbed that the Teneighty foil boot has... its made out of silicon composite or something.
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They say it's the boot board that's different. I personally have the X-wave 8 "Free"... and on Sunday, I drove into some powder and got thrown off my skis. Guess the boots don't really save you from crappy skill = P

200 Pound Man + 156cm short skis for easy turning on groomers + sudden 8" powder = Yardsale.
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I have "Xwave 10 Free" and the only difference, except color (design) is in footboard. So nothing special, it's the same boot. Free has a shock absorbing sole made with a material that absorbs shocks when landing. Free has sole which allows the skier to work the chassis for a more sensitive feeling and to vary the turn radius. Whatever you buy you want feel the diference.
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A few years back the X-Wave 10 used to come with two different footboards in the box. Apparently now they market it as two different boots. I have the X-Wave 8 (the 8, 9, & 10 shells all came from the same mold), so I got an X-Wave 10 stiffer footboard for my shells. They were supposed to tie the bottom of the shell together and stiffen it up and make it work "like the body of a formula one race car." In my opinion the performance difference was negligible. Probably worth it if you race or do a lot of high speed carving on hard snow, but not really a big deal for all-round skiing.
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