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demo ski's in break and Vail

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does anyone know of a good place to get demo ski's in break and Vail. Were they will apply the demo price to ski purchase purchase?
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I had a great experience with Kenny's Double Diamond right next to the walkway down to the Lionshead gondola. I demo'd Rossi Z9's, Volkl AC4's, and AC3's, and they had a great selection of powder skis as well. I used them Dec 17-25. No hassles, very accommodating. I will be using them again Feb 23-28 when I am back out there.
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Try Christy's which has a couple locations around Breck and maybe Vail too. Always giving deals and have a very knowledgable staff
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Thanks everyone! but she got impatient and just rented at blue river sports only problem now is after 2 days of skiing on burning luvs she will have to give them back!!!
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Yes, I know that problem! I first demoed my Luv's in Vail, then bought a pair in Breck - from Norway Haus on the main street, highly recommended.
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