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Originally Posted by sibhusky
I cannot agree with this. In powder conditions on a mountain that is normally pretty empty, I tend to assume I am the only person on the trail. Just a token cough would do the job. I also jump when my cat-footed husband enters a room without notice. Please make some noise so I have a sense of your presence. Fog horns, however, are not acceptable. (There was a lady a few weeks back who had one on her pole.)
On an empty mountain I expect I'd be far enough away from you when I passed that you wouldn't even hear my token cough.

Ya know, if I happened upon a normally populated mountain where everyone coughed every time they passed someone, I think I get off the slopes quick for fear of my health.
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I ski with a 50 watt megaphone complete with police siren. Don't want those below to have a any uncertainty they are about to be overtaken.....
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[quote=SkiDogNW]Responsibility Code rules!!!

this in turns makes it physically impossible within the realm of newtonian physics for me to hit them or them to hit me.

But the movements of skiers in front of you seem to be governed more by quantum mechanics. Remember those electrons that can be in two places at once?
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