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having some problems with tecnica boots

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I bought a pair of Tecnica Diablo Fire boots with the hot form liner in about November. I wanted Nordica Hot Rods but none of the local shops carried them. Instead of being forced to buy mail order or over the internet I decided to go with the Tecnica's. They felt good in the shop, a little soft but I thought they would be a good replacement for my Salomon x-wave 8's. I put in the custom foot beds from my Salomons and experienced terrible foot pain. The top of my foot from my big toe to my ankle went numb and stayed numb for almost a month. I tried several times to have the foot beds fit into the boots better, but could not ever get a proper fit. I finally gave up and took the footbeds out. While I was removing the liners one day in my stuggle to fix the footbeds I found a screw in the bottom of the boot. It came from the adjustable spoiler that I had not adjusted. The screw had stripped out all the threads. My current problem is that the shells have begun to leak. I can see the snow going underneath the shell and across the top of my foot. By the end of the day my feet are wet and very cold. I have also noticed that the heals a becoming very loose. I can lift my foot quite a bit and it moves from side to side. They are the same size as my xwaves (26.5). My question is does anybody know if there is anykind of warranty that would cover the problems I am having with the stripped screw, leaking shells etc.
If these where your boots and you hand paid over $500 and only gotten a couple of months use out of them what you you do? I think I will go back to my old Salomons.
Thanks for you Help
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The diablo line notoriously runs a little bit big. So i suspect that "feeling good" in the shop combined with the same size as the Sollies means they are about a shell size too big. This would cause the heel lift as well.
On the outside of the liner there are plastic pieces around your achilles that can be snapped into lower holes providing a different fit around the heel. Try to move those lower.
As far as the snow coming in the front of the boot you can check out "boot gloves' a neoprene sleeve that fits over the boot or slap some duct tape below the lowest bucke where the shell flaps overlap (I'm assuming this is where the snow is coming in) Thats a pretty common problem on many boots.
The stripped screw is an odd thing. Is it the screw that holds the spoiler to the shell or is it the screw that holds the extra spoiler tothe spoiler itself? (there's an extra spoiler included to increase forward lean/ take up space)
I'm not sure if buying a too big boot or the strippes screw is enough to send them back. You'll have to check with the retailer for that. Most shops offer a gaurentee that the boots fit if they fit you. So it won't hurt to ask.
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Tecnicas run wider to begin with. After using the footbed and then removing it the liners have probably become too packed out. If the boots are leaking, I'd try to return them (for a smaller, tighter boot if possible). That shouldn't be. It doesn't sound like these boots suit you at all. It can't hurt to try : .
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Thanks for the input. The screw that srtipped out is the one that holds the spoiler into the shell. I never adjust it so I guess I could just expoxy it in. I waited to have the hot form liners heated until I had the issue with the footbeds figured out. So they were hot formed without the footbeds. Shouldn't that have taken care of any problems with removing the footbed? I will stop by the local shop and see what they have to say. I guess I should have just held out for the Nordica Hot Rods like I wanted.
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