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Vail Discount Tickets.... Did you know about this...?

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Working in the Resort Information and Activities Center for the past 7 weeks, I have learned about several discount deals on tix that most Colo Pass holders do not know about... (By the way- renewing/purchasing in the Spring gets you more bene's!)

#1- If you purchased or renewed your 5 mtn pass last spring, you have 4 "Buddy Passes" attached to your pass. Those tix must be purchased in person, for $35 each! These tix have NO restrictions on them. Many people used them for themselves during the Xmas period, instead of paying $75 p/day.

#2- If you procrastinated, and didn't get your pass until later in the fall, you still have 6 "Ski w/ a Friend" tix, currently priced at $55. ($75 over Pres Weekend, then it drops to $65, then finally $45). ALL COLO PASSES have these 6 tix attached- even if you also have the 4 Buddy Tix mentioned in #1.

#3- $10 discount coupons are available at all Front Range King Soopers/ City Markets just for the asking! There are no restrictions when they can be used....

If you have any questions about these discount programs, call the Vail 800 #, (and maybe you'll have to talk to me) and any GSR can assist you in determining what tix are attached to your pass!

Don't forget- www.springbacktovail.com ... Special deals on Spring accomm and tix!

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Yep, I knew about it and have actually used a couple of the $35 buddy passes. However, at Keystone early in the season, they were denying the existence of these and making people pay full price- what a joke. I didn't have any problem using mine, but it was after New Years.
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Thank you!!!
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I used one of my buddy passes at Breck a few weeks ago, cost 65 dollars. Thought that was a rip.
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Thanks Ric

Thanks for the heads up...

Any Bear who will be at Vail from 4/13 - 4/18 is welcome to use my "Ski with a Friend" discounts. Just PM me. The $35 tickets are already spoken for. So somebody can ski 4/13- 4/15 for $ 105 and get 4 more days on the Spring Back to Vail deal for $ 109.

$ 214 for a weeks passes at Vail....WOW

There will probably be a few other tickets available then too from others with Colorado Passes, but how many is unkown right now. (but that picture will clear up in about a month)


Q. How many do we need to get a group rate ?

Q. What is that rate 4/13 - 4/15 & 4/16 - 4/18 ?

(Consider all this a hint of another gathering type announcement )
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Ric and Greg

Vail April 14-21 is on my calender

Spring back to Vail!

This time it's with my youngest son Gray. We'll be with Cheryl and Glen


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Cal, I look forward to skiing with you again. My wife will accompany me this time from April 12-18. We're staying with UL at Vail.

I'm still keeping an eye out on the Spring Back to Vail site to see if they're going to discount the lift tickets during the official SBV dates of April 3-16. If not, Expedia.com is selling them for that timeframe at the discount rate of 4 days for $109 and 5 or 6 days for $159.

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Looking forward


It would be fun to make the turns again

Keep an eye out for the SBV deal. I just found my old Peaks card in a carboard box in the trunk of my car!

ready to "Reload"

It's all good

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