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St. James Place @ Beaver Creek

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I just booked a week long trip, the first week of April, in St. James Place at Beaver Creek. It’s our first time there at St. James Place and Beaver Creek. I’m just looking for any comments or thoughts on both places. Are there any "must see must do" things in the village or in the nearby area. Our family has been skiing for many seasons in the Midwest, but this is the first time for a really nice “out west” resort.
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St. James is a great location and on any other mountain it would be considered deluxe. At Beaver Creek, it's mid-level quality compared to the surrounding hotels/condos. So, what you get is a very good place to stay at a great value (relatively speaking) in a great location in the village. The Dusty Boot is a terrific restaurant (with pretty good margarita's too)located in St. James. Again, a decent value relatively speaking. A very good cheap restaurant is Pazzo's Pizzaria in Avon, just outside of Beaver Creek.

There are ample discussions of where to ski at Beaver Creek on this site so, I'll focus on the non-skiing tips. If you want to check out where to ski, just do a search using the word "Harrier". Any decent review of Beaver Creek skiing always includes that run as being great (which it is IMHO).

If you rent a car (which is probably not much more expensive than paying round trip fare to CME to get your whole family back and forth to the airport), make sure you get to Vail for a day or two of skiing and dining as well. Adventure Ridge at Vail is great for the family at night. Another option is snowmobiling for a half day if you need a break from skiing. Nova Guides did a great job on one of our trips. I'm not sure what the conditions would be like for snowmobiling in April.

Just hanging out by the fire pit in front of the Hyatt is fun at night. Go inside the Hyatt, grab a couple of warm drinks and then go out sit by the fire.

If your kids are youngish, there's a great indoor pool with a great water slide at the Avon Recreation Center. Another great after ski activity.

Movie theaters are located in Edwards just down the road, where there are also some pretty good restaurants.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
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I just returned two weeks ago from a week at Beaver Creek (we stayed at The Charter). If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask me here or PM me.
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Thanks for the info! What about ski rentals around Beaver Creek? Not sure if we are going to haul our skis out or rent.
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We've rented skis at Gorsuch in Beaver Creek and rentskis.com (the "official" beaver creek store through the Beaver Creek website). For young children, we found the skis at Gorsuch to be in better shape. For everyone else, the quality appeared to be about the same. We did not rent high end demos, so I can't speak to any differences that may exist for really good skis. We had some problems with the initial skis we rented at rentskis.com, but they were very accomodating in changing out the bad skis and switching my wife from hard to soft boots. Both locations are very convenient to the slopes.

We have not used Charter Sports In BC, but friends of ours were happy with their equipment and service.

I've never had a problem with Gorsuch, so I tend to lean toward them. However, because rentskis was so accomodating (and probably a little cheaper), it's worth a look as well. I'm sure there are cheaper places outside of Beaver Creek that would be worth a look if you had the time to shop around.
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