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Copper With The Kiwis: Feb. 12

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The lovely Julie from New Zealand and her pal Adrian will be in Summit County this weekend. Some of us are thinking of meeting up at Copper on Sunday. All are welcome. If people would like, we can chip in for pizzas and use my studio for an apres ski party.

Who's in?
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Lisa - Thanks for organising this, we'll be there. Excellent idea.
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I'm confused -- I thought the dates were for next weekend?
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Easy to be confused, but Julie corrected herself here:
Now that I've checked our itinery I realise that I put the wrong dates in the eading, we will be skiing the days from

Saturday 11 February to Friday 17 February, with a rest day in there in somewhere.
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oh, ok. copper this sunday. we need a "when and where"
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Mike_M and Bong want us to stop by line up to say Hi. Maybe we should meet at the slope side ticket booth in Center Village at about 9:30?
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Ok -- that way anyone who needs tickets can get them at a big discount with our passes.

I may have a friend joining us at some point during the day.

I saw we adjourn for the day (3pm or later) at the Storm King for martinis
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Awesome! How are their Cosmos?
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Since it's been cold these last days -- let's move our meeting place to inside Jack's Bar -- by the windows -- at 9.30am tomorrow (Sunday).
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Sunday was a gorgeous, sunny day and we had a great time. We cruised around and warmed up on the frontside of the mountain with LM and then ate an early lunch followed by an afternoon of playing in the backside bowls, etc. The sun warmed the snow up and it was really nice.

Julie and Adrian are fun and friendly people to ski with!
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