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Is there going to be any changes in the SL for the 06/07 model or is it the same as this year's?
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Last thing that I heard was, no change.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Yes .... the 166 is a mens legal FIS/USSA ski. It does have a radius of 12.6 m, but there is no limitation for an SL ski as there is on the GS @ 21 m.

The FIS & USSA charts are marked "NA" .... not applicable regarding radius.

You can get as "wild as you wanna' be" on SL's as long as you stick to the length .... 155 for women or 165 for men.
that is not completely true, since there is a minimum waist width of 60mm.

I have a piar of Last years laser SL which I bought still ion the wrapper from an east coast college racer who received them directly from the factory.

the flex of the pair i have in no way reflects what is being said about this ski here. it is very flexible length wise and torsionally very stiff. Much, much softer then my SL11 Race Stock.

I like my SL11 race stock far better. it is smoother faster & holds better. i have also noticed that the laser (with WC Piston Control Plate & Marker 14.0 EPS) is mounted much further forward then the Atomic.

the rearward mounting since to work better for me.
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True ... in another thread .. 60 was mentioned.

I was refering to the sidecut and radius.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
True ... in another thread .. 60 was mentioned.

I was refering to the sidecut and radius.
I know, and agree. I was just saying the waist measurement does somewhat restrict sidecut if only a little bit.
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My $0.02's worth...

The set-up: Laser SL 171cm with Tyrolia FF bindings and Tyrolia 15mm plate.

Me: 6' 4" and a little over 200 pounds. Advanced skier, ie ski most black runs well in good light conditions and will sometimes venture offpiste, if not too ratty and chopped-up.

Location: 3 weeks in St Anton, Austria - Feb/March 2006

I was going to buy a pair of Fischer WC SC, but demoed the Stoeckli's and that was it - smitten! Nearly fell over on the price EUR820, but paid it anyway a day later (after some soul-searching).

The 3 best things about these skis:
  1. Instant feedback - do it right and get rewarded, get lazy or sloppy (eg weight back or straighten the outside leg) and you will get punished immediately.
  2. Huge amounts of edge hold, even on the boiler-plate ice common on lower runs in Austria.
  3. They feel really agile and quick edge-to-edge. This actually made moguls a bit of fun, but as long as they were not too close together (or huge) - then the ski a felt a little stiff for my abilities.
I was also amazed at the stability at speed - there are plenty of runs in StA where there is an uphill in the middle, hence the need to tuck. The Stoeckli's were just as stable, and glided further, than my just-retired Atomic 10.20 Beta Rides (in 190cm).

The three least-liked aspects:
  1. The price. Could have bought the Fischer WCs for EUR390.
  2. The ski/binding combo is heavy - at least when you are carrying them to the station/airport (and I thought the Beta-Rides were heavy).
  3. Slop or breakable crust can be hard work, but then I expected that of this type of ski (ie relatively narrow waist and stiff). I ski powder up to my knees and had a lot of fun, but I think I would hire something wider if I was going serious BC (eg heli-ski or guided tour way out back).
All in all, as you have probably guessed, I am very happy with my choice. It is a ski that will help me improve and will keep stretching me for some time to come.
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Last thing that I heard was, no change.
Nope; you of all people should know Stockli changes every two years, not one. :P
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What I heard Sunday with the eastern rep was that there will be no cosmetic change. As ever, Stockli may make some improvements as they see fit or to meet demand over the summer or during the early production.

I did come home with a new (demo/used) pair of SC 170's with a Vist 13 plate. Now the dilema is to just put a pair of my older Markers on them or go for something fancy.
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Yuki , I ordered my SL with VIST combo :
- plate - RI Titanium 12 mm
- binding - V 311 Light
The whole looks nice and is light ( that was my target ) and the plate , not being typical stiff alu racing , still is able create that " sling " effect , typical in racing plate , thanks 3 titanium bars . Very smart .
Tomorrow morning I am going to " deflorate " my new SL's . I paid 648 $ for skis with plates and bindings in local Stockli rep office .
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Stockli SL 166cm- 2005... Marker 1200 ti...

Funny, a lot of reviewers here say this ski is stiff...
But to me it feels as most skis usually do these days - soft.
Almost all gs and sl skis feel very soft and damp when flexed on the floor - or when you grab someone's ski off the rack at the lodge...even this Kniessl SL (red and yellow graphics which I had never seen before).
Almost every ski ( perhaps except for Atomics) feel in the same range.
The real stiffness comes torsionally...stick the tail between your feet (or preferably- your ski boots) and twist the tip... and all the gs's and sl's feel similar here too- they don't twist.
The biggest difference is when they are skied and the damping and touchy-ness come into play.
I am blown away by how versatile the arc-sizes are on this SL ski...a GS radius is there just by standing on your heel...Finish the turn with a bit more edge and the radius tightens smoothly... the cockpit is very comfortable and it skis without surprises. Many sl's are hooky or hook-up too quickly...many gs skis only have one place to stand - a small sweet spot
Slalom turns...You bet- and because the tip is psychic your can drive 'em from the trailer hitch...
The only problem is that in knee-deep they are submarines...
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Yes , g-force , you are right . I own now Stocklis 156 and Supershape's 155 and Head's are stiffer . I demoed yesterday new Rossis slaloms RD and have to say that they feel exactly same way as my Stocklis .
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