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Rossi B3 short review

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I took the B3 in 168 out last week for a day at the Canyons and was truly impressed. Conditions were mostly chop and crud, but I found some untracked powder in the trees. These things eat crud for breakfast. I have never felt so confident in these conditions before. Turn initiation was effortless, decent float in powder too and when the runs opened out into groomers the carving and edge hold were excellent for a ski this wide. Caveat is that I'm not a particularly fast skier, and I assume that at speed a ski this soft would not tend to chatter a lot. Anyway, It seems like an excellent ski for mixed conditions. I hope at some point to compare the Legend 8000 or Karma, so comments from anyone who has experience with these skis as well are appreciated.
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I had a chance to demo the 2006 B3 (83mm waist) about a month ago and was really impressed. About me: 5'10" 180#, ski 20 days per year (about 15 days already this year), level 7/8.

The B3 I demoed was a 168cm, which the Rossi rep insisted I try. I asked for a longer length (177cm?), but the rep would only let me have the 168cm. In retrospect, I was correct as the 168cm seemed a bit short when I skied it.

Never the less, I found the ski (the 168cm) to have surprisingly good edge hold (better than the 2004 B2 I demoed 2 years ago), stable in crud, and very easy to ski in the bumps. Stability at reasonably high speeds on groomed slopes was also very good. Fast enough edge to edge for my needs.

In general, much better than the 2004 B2. I couldn't really fault the ski for anything. (Okay, it was a little bit damp for my taste...) I didn't buy because I wanted a wider (88mm waste, not 83mm) ski.
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Have 'em. Love 'em. Great ski for a west coast 1-ski quiver.
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