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Squaw Valley….

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Was pushed this way by recommendation in my search for some information on Squaw Valley.

I'm heading over from the UK on the 11th Feb and will be skiing in Squaw for the week (well 5 days in Squaw). I'm a little concerned about the current weather and reports of all the rain over the last few days, especially as this will be my first skiing trip to the states and I have been looking forward to it for 9 months !!

Anyway - looking at the base levels of snow I am guessing that I don't have to worry about there being 'no' snow, however the current temp forecasts show it being as warm as 5 degrees C at the moment ! That’s warm and I guess isn't helping conditions low down.

So, my question is around the weather and what to do if this carries on. How long do these 'warm' spells normally last and will it ruin my experience ?

If it is still raining next Monday then should I head for a different resort ? Can't change my accommodation but do have a 4x4 for the week so driving is an option.

Would be interested in any comments back.
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it's basically spring skiing conditions right now....hard in the morning then softening up all day (hardpack to corn snow to slush down near the base)

northern CA is now getting an El Nina effect which will mean less precipitation and warmer weather for the spring
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These conditions are not unusual for the Sierra. The snow pack is very deep and in good condition. The surface conditions will respond to warmer temps this week by softening during the day and refreezing at night in open areas. Groomed slopes will be in excellent condition, with off-piste being frozen coral reef in the morning and softening to corn snow in the afternoon. Because of altitude, and low humidity, I don't expect this to result in full-on spring conditions except on the most sun-exposed slopes.

You should expect this thread will end up moved to the Resorts Conditions & Traval section.
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Squaw and the rest of the Tahoe area is set for some snow the next 3-5 days. Conditions, which are OK to begin with despite the warm weather recently, should improve, as the 50 degree days go away for a while.
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Well they don't call it sierra cement for nothin'...
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Originally Posted by yelloboy
Well they don't call it sierra cement for nothin'...
And it sticks like glue to anything. Some of the steepest stuff I ever skied. Very easy to find your self staring at a cliff sign.
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