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Lock your empty ski racks

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Got my ski rack stolen right off the top of my car in the parking lot yesterday. Very few folks think to lock them when they're empty, as I see that most people (me included) tend to keep them in the open position in the lot. Lesson learned!!
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That's unreal!! Was it one of those quick release type racks, or did they need to use tools to remove it? That takes some serious balls, since it's obvious that you are stealing the rack when you remove it from someone's car, as opposed to stealing skis, which isn't always as obvious. Did this happen during the day or at night?

At least it's cheaper to replace than skis.
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marta- that's horrible...i assume you were at the creek?
theft is par for the creek.

one thing i've never used is a rack.
even my 223s always fit perfectly in my 320i, my 4000 quattros, my golfs, etc.
skis take up precious little room in the cabin, and it's far better for the bindings to keep 'em in away from the grime.
noone ever broke into my cars to boost my skis or board, either...
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marta ... thanks .. !

Never thought of that one. Boxes or racks .... easily removed.
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I don't understand the mentality of the rack manufacturers, sometimes...

Obviously, some racks are harder to remove than others. But often nothing more than an appropriate wrench is required.

I was appalled to find that the Yak Cobra bike racks I purchased for $120 apiece were affixed to the crossbars by... 3 thumbscrews!

My cargo box is better -- at least one has to open it to disengage the clamps -- but then again, my entire rack assembly, crossbars, bike racks & cargo box, can be had for the price of a single allen wrench and less then 5 minutes labor.
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yep, at Mtn Creek South, broad daylight, front row of parking lot

Thule attaches with wing nuts inside the rack. Keeping it locked would have prevented access to the wing nuts.

Throwing my skis in the way-back for the rest of the season..

Vlad - 223's????
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This is so true. A typical Yakima setup is at least $150-250 just for the crossbars and towers, nevermind an additional $70-250 for accesory mounts, and $250-450 for boxes. It adds up real quick. Get locks if you don't have them. Many times, the rack will be worth as much as the equipment it holds (and in some cases, the cars -- you wouldn't believe some of the rustbuckets I see with new rack systems).

I have been leaving my 1989-vintage ski clamps unlocked when they are empty, since someone would have to be real desperate to take those (the rest of my Yakima setup is new and locked at all times). But this is a good reminder, I will lock up the ski clamps now. Yeah, they look like crap, but replacements would cost at least $100, and theft could really pose a hassle for the ride home...
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yeah- used to make my living on 'em. went through about a dozen volkls in 223 and 220.
shameless ole' vlad.
then when volkl came out with the apple-green P9 SG, one of the most 'shaped' skis of the pre-shaped ski period, I switched over to 213 SGs and never looked back.
figures re: the creek and that theft. weird part is, there are cops standing at the crossing right at the front of the lot at south on weekends. hope you reported it to security, nonetheless. the perps will likely be back with your racks on their car. i hear that it hyappens constantly, and that security there (go to the trailer-office at north) is really good at recovering them. really stupid perps in jersey, mostly suburban white kids showing off for their pals. "look at me! I'm a felon! can I hang out with you guys, now, and talk like a rap-star?"
like i said, honestly, you can fit skis in your car....ski racks are better left on the sale-racks. bag your skis if you value your interior (usually i feed 'em, diagonally, through a front window, to the rear deck, then i straighten them inside and rest them against the front deck, so as not to enable any missile cation in an abrupt stop)
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I told myself a year ago that I would only ski at Mountain Creek if I had no other choice in any other ski resort in NJ. Now I know that I will never ever ski MC again. Stealing a $60 rack is the lowest of the lows.
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