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Movie: Three ESA 06 Coaches - Page 6

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mountaingirl1961, that's really great! It shows how well it can work. Thanks!
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I knew it was a joke, I just use the quick reply that doesnt have the emoticon function... maybe we could add that? j/k (going advanced now)
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You can type the characters in. Colon-capital D makes a big grin. Typing out thumbs up (capital T and U) works. Eek between colons, etc. Click on the Smilies link in the Posting Rules box for more information.
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See... there you go hating again... pretend you're explaining how to do something on a computer to my former coach... then we'll be on the same level. (trying your idea) (it actually works) You have forever changed my epicski posting experience!
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Next year, y'all should pony up for some college-semi-pro videographer kid with an interest in skiing...should be cheap, widely available, and if carefully selected quite effective.
Excellent suggestion, skiingman. Though I'd really like to get Greg Stump, who did the Power of Four DVD that everyone at this year's ESA got as a teaser to come to Aspen/Snowmass in 2007. That guy's golden.
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Greg Stump=best ski filmographer...period.
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How about

who posts here on occasion...
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